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DNA Testing, Alcohol & Drug Testing Services - AlphaBiolabs

Testing services for members of the public. We supply a full range of DNA testing services available at the best prices including DNA paternity testing, DNA maternity testing and much more. We also provide Legal relationship testing for use in a court of law. Learn More

Legal testing services for solicitors. We specialise in providing legal testing services for solicitors and local authorities for use in UK civil courts of law. We are an accredited testing laboratory and provide bespoke reporting services with special offers to solicitors. Learn more

Alcohol and drug test services for businesses. With our onsite sample collection service for random alcohol and drug screening we can help you manage your businesses’ substance testing needs to achieve a safer working environment. Learn more


  • DNA Testing Services

    AlphaBiolabs can provide the reassurance you need. Whether you need a ‘peace of mind DNA test’ or legally binding DNA test our fully accredited service provides:

    • 100% accuracy
    • Next day DNA test results
    • 100% confidentiality
    • Expert advice and support at no extra cost
    • Confidential service guaranteed
    • Request a call back at a time convenient for you
    • UK wide DNA collection service
    • UK based DNA testing laboratory

    Prices vary in line with the speed of delivery required to suit your needs and confidential service is guaranteed. So why not request a call back at a time convenient for you?
    Call us on 0800 170 1200 for further information on the options available, to discuss any of your requirements or to ask us anything at all.
    Our website has lots of information on the services we provide, but we may be able to offer other related services that you require, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Buy safe and securely online

    You can buy any of our peace of mind DNA test kits safe and securely using our online store. Our test kits are send in descreet packaging to an address of your choice and we offer next day testing on all our home DNA testing.

    For any of the following DNA tests please call 0800 170 1200 to book or make any enquires with our friendly customer service team. Alternatively visit our online forms page for a quote via email.

    Peace of mind DNA Testing Services

    With a peace of mind DNA test or a home DNA test the DNA samples do not have to be collected by an independent third party so we can send the test kits out to your home for you to take the samples yourself. This type of test cannot be used in a court of law and the information provided can only be used for your peace of mind.

    Legal DNA Testing Services

    If you require a DNA test that can be used in legal proceedings we offer a range of solutions. For instance if you need to change a birth certificate, are in touch with the Child Support Agency (CSA) or need a test for immigration purposes then get in touch.

    For any of the following DNA tests please call 0800 170 1200 to book or make any enquires with our friendly customer service team. Alternatively visit our online forms page for a quote via email.
    If you need a fast DNA testing Service then we can provide the following turnaround times:

    • 3 working days (72hr) DNA Test
    • 2 working days – (48hr) DNA Test
    • Next Day DNA Testing – (24hr)
    • Same day DNA Testing service (8 hours)

    AlphaBiolabs is proud to have pioneered the same day legal DNA testing for solicitors and legal professionals. Results are available by the end of the same business day, once the samples are received into our UKAS ISO17025 laboratory. DNA samples need to arrive into our laboratory before 10:00am to allow sufficient time to complete the DNA analysis on the same day.

    Please note that all of the legal tests will be collected by a neutral third party such as a company doctor or nurse. If you choose to use a GP to collect your samples, a fee may apply.

    Immigration DNA Testing Services

    We provide Immigration DNA testing services for legal professionals and members of the public from all over the world. We have built up good relationships with many High Commissions throughout the world and pride ourselves in the fact that we can collect your DNA samples from just about anywhere.

    Our DNA immigration test results are accepted by UK courts of law and recognised by the UK border force.

    Unique Online Application Forms

    We have created unique online forms to apply for our DNA testing services. Just choose your DNA test, fill in your details and click send and you will receive your quote via email.

    Learn More about DNA Testing

    We have created a bespoke learning centre to help you learn more about our DNA testing services so yu can choose which DNA test is the correct test to purchase for your specific needs.
    To learn more about DNA testing from an independent source please click here.

    DNA Testing Ireland

    Are your from Ireland? Then please visit our Ireland website here.


  • AlphaBiolabs Drug Testing Services

    AlphaBiolabs provides drug and alcohol testing services to members of the public, the legal profession, councils/local authorities and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. We are a leading service provider with the facilities and expertise to genuinely deliver a single-source solution for drug, alcohol and DNA relationship testing.

    Why Choose our Drug Testing Services

    AlphaBiolabs can provide the reassurance you need. Whether you need a ‘peace of mind’ or legally binding Drug and Alcohol test our fully accredited service provides:

    • 100% accuracy
    • We can report drug use over a period of months
    • 100% confidentiality
    • Hair, blood and urine can be tested
    • Expert advice and support at no extra cost
    • Confidential service guaranteed
    • Over 15 years’ experience
    • No Obligation quotes available on request
    • Experts in legal drug testing
    • Unique UK wide sample collection service

    As you can see we have a vast range of experience in drug and alcohol testing and can collect you or your drug and alcohol test samples from anywhere in the UK.

    Legal Drug Testing for Solicitors

    AlphaBiolabs provides legal drug and alcohol testing services to solicitors and legal professionals throughout the UK and Ireland. Our testing results have already helped in thousands of court cases and we have built up a good working relationship with many of the largest law firms in the UK.

    Drug Testing for Local Authorities

    AlphaBiolabs provides legal drug and alcohol testing services to Councils, social workers and local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland. Our testing results have already helped in thousands of child protection cases and with our unique UK wide collection service you can rest assured that your clients test results will be ready for court.

    Workplace Drug Testing

    AlphaBiolabs provides legal drug and alcohol testing services to business throughout the UK and Ireland. We can help you with every aspect of your businesses requirements for drug and alcohol testing, including creating policy and implementing a range of drug screening.

  • Workplace Drug Testing Services

    AlphaBiolabs provide premium and affordable services in drug testing including:

    • Pre Employment Screening / Drug Testing
    • Random Drug Screening / Drug Testing
    • For Cause Drug Screening / Drug Testing
    • Post Incident Drug Testing / Post Accident Drug Testing
    • Post Rehabilitation Drug Testing / Return to Work Drug Testing
    • Oral Fluid Testing for Drug Misuse
    • Urine Testing for Drug Misuse
    • Hair testing for Drug Misuse

    Please note that hair testing for workplace drug testing is best used in support of the other testing methods available to provide a comprehensive overview of drug misuse in particular circumstances.

    Why use our Drug Testing in your workplace?

    Drug misuse, dependency and illegal activity can have a significantly negative impact on your business. Studies have shown:

    • 76% of drug abusers are employed and the cost of employing a drug abuser can be significantly higher than that of a non-drug user due to lower productivity. In addition, this can result in more lost work days (with 17 million working days being lost each year nationwide).
    • Drug abusing staff will have a higher turnover and therefore increase training, recruitment costs alongside the possible introduction of rehabilitation costs and increased medical costs.
    • The rate of accidents and compensation claims will increase.
    • There is an increased risk of drug abusers selling drugs to work colleagues that will in-turn increase the drug-related problems in the workplace.

    To arrange workplace drug testing services, sample collection or for any enquiries regarding workplace testing or services please call our friendly customer service team on 0800 170 1200 or email info@alphabiolabs.co.uk

  • Paternity Testing (peace of mind)

    Our piece-of-mind paternity testing kit can be used to establish the biological father of a child, with confidential results available the next working day. The samples can be collected by yourself in the comfort of your own home and once it is received by AlphaBiolabs we compare genetic markers from the child to establish paternity routinely in excess of 99.99999999% accuracy.

    Why buy our paternity test?

    • UK’s most popular home DNA paternity test kit
    • Voted the best Peace of Mind paternity test 2014
    • We test the alleged father, child and the mother when possible
    • Kit sent direct to your address with discreet packaging
    • ISO 17025 accredited
    • Confidential results available next working day
    • 100% accurate parental buccal cell testing service
    • Our test uses 24 markers, an industry high for Peace of Mind tests
    • TV programmes such as The Jeremy Kyle Show trust us for testing


    Legal Paternity Testing

    Our legal paternity testing service follows a strict chain of custody and that is what make our test reports acceptable to the civil courts. It has been proved to be 99.9999% accurate and is admissible in a court of law as proof of paternity.

    Why choose our Legal DNA Paternity Test?

    • We are ISO 17025 accredited so our paternity testing can be used in UK courts
    • 100% confidential and strict chain of custody
    • Determine the parentage of children discreetly, quickly and accurately
    • We are specialists in DNA testing with over 10 years experience
    • Expert advice throughout the entire process
    • Free sample collection at our walk-in centres

    We are UKAS ISO 17025 accredited and are approved to supply admissible proof of paternity to all of the above agencies and governing bodies with our tests having proven to be 99.9999% accurate.

  • Sample collection

    AlphaBiolabs has gone to great lengths to create a full UK network of qualified nurses who are able to take your clients legally admissible DNA, drug & alcohol samples.
    Here are just a few of the reasons you should choose AlphaBiolabs for your sample collection:

    • UK Wide collection service
    • Fully qualified nurses
    • Able to take samples from your home, office, prison, children’s home, workplace and more
    • 100% confidential service
    • Expert Witness service available
    • Both male and female nurses available

    Another UK first from AlphaBiolabs – we are now offering a FREE sample collection service at our walk in centres in London, Liverpool, Manchester and Preston, which could save you up to £165.00. Please click here more information on this great free service.

  • Accredited DNA Testing Service


    AlphaBiolabs is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the quality technical standard of ISO17025 to perform relationship DNA Testing, drug tests and alcohol tests which can be used in the UK law courts. Learn More

    We Provide the Fastest UK Testing Service

    The speed of our DNA test Service

    AlphaBiolabs do not send your samples to any other laboratory for testing, unlike other internet based companies. We perform all of our own DNA tests and as a result we can provide you with the fastest DNA testing results in the industry. Learn More

    Our Commitment to a Quality Service

    Our DNA Test Quality

    We are committed to providing the fastest, highest quality DNA testing, drug testing and alcohol testing available by investing thousands of pounds in the very latest equipment and processes.


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