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Public DNA Testing

DNA Testing Services for members of the public. We have a full range of testing services available at the best prices including DNA paternity testing, maternity testing, drug and alcohol testing for use in a court of law. Learn More

Legal Testing Services

DNA, Drug & Alcohol Testing Services for solicitors. We are a fully accredited testing laboratory and our results are trusted by UK courts and our turnaround times are second to none. Learn more

Business Testing Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services for businesses.  With our on-site sample collection service we can help you manage all your employee drug and alcohol testing. Gain a safer working environment. Learn more

What Makes Us Different

Fully Accredited DNA Testing Service

quality-serviceAlphaBiolabs is accredited by the United Kingdom  Accreditation Service (UKAS) to the quality technical standard of [tooltip tip="ISO 17025 is the internationally recognised standard for DNA testing and calibration laboratories. The standard contains all of the requirements that testing and calibrations laboratories have to meet if they wish to demonstrate that they operate a quality system, are technically competent and are able to generate technically valid results."]ISO17025[/tooltip] and in addition by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to perform immigration DNA Testing to be used in the family law courts. Our high standards of quality and first class testing facilities have also been identified by key organisations such as the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office.

The Fastest DNA Testing Service

The speed of our DNA testing ServiceAlphaBiolabs does not send your samples to any other laboratory, unlike other internet based companies. We perform all of our own DNA testing and as a result can provide you the fastest DNA testing results in the industry. Our standard turnaround times are only 3 -5 working days for legal DNA tests and [tooltip tip="You will have your peace of mind DNA test results the next working day from the time that they arrive at our UK laboratory. Legal DNA Testing takes 7 to 10 working days."]next working day[/tooltip] for peace of mind paternity tests. No other company or laboratory will have the confidence to match our commitment to providing you with the fastest DNA testing in Europe.

Low Cost DNA Testing Service

low cost dna testWe are committed to providing the fastest, highest quality DNA testing available. If you receive a cheaper quote from any other laboratory in the UK on a like- for- like basis, we will not only match it, but will also provide you with a further 5% discount. This is to ensure that you are receiving the best value DNA testing service possible.

Our Services

DNA Testing

dna-testingWe take great pride in our complex DNA relationship testing. It’s the most accurate Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA testing in the UK as we analyse 24 DNA markers, which no other laboratory provides. We also offer a 24hr peace of mind DNA paternity test and as we have our own UK based DNA paternity testing laboratory we are able to supply this service.

Drug Testing

dna drug testingNot only are we experts in DNA testing, but we have employed some of Europe’s leading toxicology experts to ensure that our drug testing service is second to none. We have invested thousands of pounds in the very latest cutting edge equipment and processes to ensure that our drug testing is the most accurate.

Alcohol Testing

dna alcohol testingFirst class customer service is one of the main reasons that many of our clients come back time and time again to AlphaBiolabs. We train our staff to always put your needs first whether you’re a solicitor, a business, a social worker or a member of the public – we value your business.

Our DNA Testing

Our DNA Testing

dna-testing3We are very proud of our DNA testing service at AlphaBiolabs. We have invested thousands of pounds in the very latest DNA technology, including DNA sequencing machines, analytical reporting software and the very best DNA testers to give you the most accurate DNA results available in the UK today.

Our UK based laboratory use 24 markers to DNA test our customers samples, not 16 like most. We re-test every negative DNA test result we get to make 100% sure that your DNA test results are correct. Learn how we do our DNA testing here.

If you need to know the paternity of a child and do not wish to use the DNA test results in a court of law please see our peace of mind paternity test here. If you wish to use your DNA paternity test results for a legal matter please see our legal paternity test here.

DNA Testing Accreditation

We are UKAS accredited for DNA testing. UKAS accreditation independently demonstrates the competence, impartiality and performance capability of our DNA results, our laboratory and our processes, which ensure every DNA test we carry out is right first time, every time.

To prove we are a fully accredited DNA testing laboratory please view our DNA testing accreditation page here.

Learn about our DNA testing (video)

Learn about our Legal DNA Testing Service (Video)

AlphaBiolabs Genetic DNA Testing Services


Learn how our DNA Testing work

Want to learn about the science behind our DNA testing or the types of DNA tests available?

How to buy our DNA Tests


For Members of the public

If you are a member of the public the best way to buy your DNA test is to use the navigation to the test above and click on the buy now button. If you require a legal DNA test then please fill in the online form or call the UK office.

For Solicitors and local authorities

If you are a solicitor, legal professional or work for a local authority you can fill in the online DNA application form, call the UK office or download the pdf version and fax this back.

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