An undercover reporter spent two months at HMP Northumberland, which houses up to 1,348 male inmates, for Panorama which was aired on Monday 13th February at 20.30.

Amongst other findings, there was strong evidence of widespread drug use due to lapses in security where inmates have been sneaking out to collect drugs thrown in from the outside.

Drugs Everywhere in Prison

The BBC News article went onto state that there were drugs everywhere in the prison, clouds of smoke some of which were from prisoners smoking Spice, a New Psychoactive substance (NPS) formerly known as ‘legal highs’.

The BBC’s analysis of NM Inspectorate of Prisons data shows that since 2011 there has been a rising trend in the percentage of prisoners who feel that it is easy to get illegal drugs while the rate of those feeling unsafe also rose between 2011 and 2016.

Here at AlphaBiolabs, we can test urine for the misuse of NPS either in the workplace or for legal reasons.

We work with many family law firms, legal practitioners, courts and local authorities to support decisions that protect children and families from the effects if harmful substances. We utilise the latest technologies to provide our customers with fast and accurate legal drug test results from a wide panel of illicit, prescription and over the counter drugs.


David Thomas
Director at AlphaBiolabs
David Thomas is a expert in areas of DNA, Toxicology and Forensics. Taking the complex science and ensuring it is simple to understand and cost effective for clients.

Managing director of AlphaBiolabs David has been providing DNA relationship testing, drug testing and alcohol testing for over 15 years.
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