Paternity Testing for Peace of Mind

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Our piece-of-mind paternity testing kit can be used to establish the biological father of a child, with confidential results available the next working day. The samples can be collected by yourself in the comfort of your own home and once it is received by AlphaBiolabs we compare genetic markers from the child to establish paternity routinely in excess of 99.99999999% accuracy.

The Only 24 marker paternity test

We are fully accredited for paternity testing using 24 markers, utilising the very latest DNA technology to ensure the reliability and accuracy of our genetic testing.

Our testing kit is sent direct to your home using discreet packaging and is extremely simple to self administer. The kit includes mouth swabs to be rubbed gently and painlessly on the inside of the cheek, so it is not a problem if anyone involved is scared of needles or prefers to take the sample themselves.

Children inherit half of their DNA from their father and half from their mother. If a man shares certain DNA sequences with a child then there is a chance the man is the biological father of that child.

Now you can find out with the UK’s most popular home DNA paternity test kit from AlphaBiolabs.

Why buy our paternity test?

  • UK’s most popular home DNA paternity test kit
  • Voted the best Peace of Mind paternity test 2014
  • We test the alleged father, child and the mother when possible
  • Kit sent direct to your address with discreet packaging
  • ISO 17025 accredited
  • Confidential results available next working day
  • 100% accurate parental buccal cell testing service
  • Our test uses 24 markers, an industry high for Peace of Mind tests
  • TV programmes such as The Jeremy Kyle Show trust us for testing


What’s in our ‘Peace of Mind’ Paternity Testing Kit

Our DNA paternity collection kit contains enough collection swabs to test one alleged father, one mother and one child.

Order a test kit and you’ll receive:

  • Peace of Mind DNA paternity test request/consent form
  • Full instructions on how to take the test and return the samples back to us
  • A self-addressed envelope to send your DNA samples back to us
  • x3 DNA sample collection swab packages containing x2 swabs in each package
  • Individual sample envelopes for the alleged father, mother and child

If you want to test more than one child with the same test, you can add extra children to the package when ordering and more swabs will also be provided in the test kit.

Our Peace of Mind paternity testing costs just £169. We ask for this payment in advance if you are buying your test online.

We can take a deposit of £60 and you can pay the remaining balance when your paternity test results are ready. Please call 0800 170 1200 to order your test and leave a deposit. Please note: Additional charges apply for each extra child added to the package.

We cannot start the testing process until the consent forms are signed by all parties involved and we will not disclose any results unless the outstanding balance has been paid in full.

Paternity Testing Services

Peace of mind Paternity Testing

Our paternity test is designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve. This paternity test is used purely for your own information to give you the answers you need regarding the paternity of a child. This type of paternity test cannot be used in a UK court.

Legal Paternity Test

Our legal paternity test is designed for use in UK civil courts and can be used for updating legal forms. We have been accredited by the Ministry of Justice for our legal paternity test as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.

Immigration Paternity Testing

Our immigration paternity test is designed to help you provide evidence to the immigration authorities that you have a biological relationship with a British citizen. Our immigration paternity test is fully accepted by the UK immigration authorities and the UK Border Force.

Paternity Test Questions?

If you have any question regarding our home paternity testing then visit our paternity test frequently asked questions page or call us on: 0800 170 1200 to speak to one of our DNA paternity testing experts.

Some of the most common question we get asked are below:

What does “not excluded as the biological father” mean?

It means that the tested man (alleged father) has the DNA profile expected of the biological father. Therefore, the paternity test result is consistent with the hypothesis that the tested man (alleged father) is the true biological father of the child.

What does “excluded” as the biological father mean?

It means that the tested man (alleged father) does not have the expected profile required to be the biological father. He is therefore highly unlikely to be the true biological father.

What does the “probability of paternity” mean?

This is the percentage likelihood that the genetic markers of the tested man (alleged father) indicate that he is the biological father of the child as compared to an untested and unrelated man of the same ethnic origin.

How is the paternity test done?

The test compares fragments of highly variable DNA, called Short Tandem Repeats (STR). Through a series of chemical reactions, DNA from each individual is extracted. Using a technique called PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction); fifteen STR markers from different chromosomes of the individuals tested are copied. The products of the PCR are separated and measured to obtain a DNA profile.

One-half of each person’s DNA information comes from their mother and the other half from their biological father. By comparing the DNA profiles of the child with the mother, it is possible to establish the shared STR markers between them. The child’s STR markers that are not found in the mother’s profile must therefore come from the biological father.

If the alleged father’s profile shares common STR markers with that of the child, then he is not excluded and may indeed be the true biological father. A statistical analysis is then carried out to calculate the probability of paternity.

An alleged father is excluded as the biological father if STR markers found in his profile are not shared with the child. The Test Results Table lists each STR marker tested with the probability of its occurrence in the general population.

What is the paternity index (PI)?

The paternity index compares the likelihood that an allele (alternative form of a gene) was passed on by the alleged father to the child, to the probability that a randomly selected unrelated man of similar ethnic background has passed that same allele on to the child.

What is the combined paternity index (CPI)?

This is a ratio that indicates how many times more likely it is that the results of the DNA analysis would have been obtained given that the tested man (alleged father) is the true biological father of the child submitted rather than an unrelated man picked at random from the same ethnic population. The CPI is based solely on genetic evidence and is determined by multiplying the individual PIs for each marker tested.

Who will receive the results?

The test report(s) will be given to the person(s) nominated on the DNA Profiling Consent Form, for whom everyone tested has given consent (and other authorised persons where appropriate.)

What happens to the DNA after the test is carried out?

The extracted DNA is destroyed by incineration three months after the report has been sent out.

What happens if I want to take my results to court?

If you need the results of the test for court or for other legal purposes, such as changing a birth certificate, then you will require our Legal Testing Service. Contact one of our friendly Customer Service advisors for further details on 0800 170 1200.

DNA paternity testing Support Service

We take our paternity testing services very seriously and know that this test may affect the relationships of the people around you, which is why we offer a support, help and advice line.

Our trained support staff can answer all your paternity testing questions and guide you to the appropriate body, to help you at this difficult time. Call: 0800 170 1200 for details. We have also compiled a list of useful independent websites who can offer you advice and more. Please see our support service page.

Paternity Test Support Video

If you are considering a paternity test then we recommend that you watch the video below where our resident clinical physiologist ‘Lisa Marsland’ talks about the issues that may arise from taking a paternity test.

How to take your paternity test samples

Learn how to take your DNA samples at home using one of our paternity test kits from the comprehensive video below.

Need a Legal Paternity Test?

We specialise in Legal paternity testing and have helped with paternity resolution in thousands of legal cases brought before UK civil courts every year.

If you require a legal paternity test please call our expert support staff on: 0800 170 1200 or register your case online.

How our Paternity Testing works

Our paternity test works by comparing a child’s DNA profile with that of an alleged father (and ideally the mother as well). Because a child inherits half of his or her DNA from each biological parent, such a comparison reveals whether the child has inherited DNA from the alleged father who is being tested.

UKAS Accredited Paternity Testing

We go to great lengths to achieve UKAS accreditation, the strictest form of accreditation in our industry. AlphaBiolabs is UKAS 17025 accredited meaning that you can have confidence in our test results as our own testing laboratory has been independently assessed and authorised by industry experts from the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS).

Our Paternity testing laboratory is UK based

There are a lot of websites on the internet who provide paternity testing and we have found that most promote that they are UK based. In truth, your paternity test samples could end up anywhere in the world. Although this may seem acceptable, can you really be sure that the laboratory testing your DNA samples conforms to strict best practice and uses the most advanced techniques to ensure that your test results are correct?

AlphaBiolabs is fully accredited to perform DNA paternity testing. Our DNA test laboratory goes through strict third party testing to ensure that the results we provide are as accurate as modern science allows. Our laboratory is based in North West England so you can be sure that your DNA paternity test samples are staying within the United Kingdom.

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