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Paternity Test (Peace of Mind)

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DNA Paternity Test

Below you can purchase a Peace of mind paternity test. You make your payment below and we will send out the DNA sample collection kit today first class.
If you would just like to pay £60 deposit today and the rest after the completion of the test please call: 0800 170 1200

How Many Children To Be Tested?

The standard test includes the mother, one child and one alleged father. If you need to add more please use this section. Please leave blank if you do not require more than one child to be tested.

How Many Alleged Fathers to be Tested?

Please leave blank if you do not wish to test more than one alleged father.

Main Test Subject Name

Please tell us the name of the main person who will be tested. This is usually the person buying the test.

Additional Reporting

Do you require any additional reports for this case? For example we can provide you the technical data from the test.

password *

Please add a password. You will need this password to open/access your report or if you speak to one of our advisers.

£179 £169