When you approach any DNA testing provider for a paternity test they may ask you who do you want to test. Do you want to test the child, alleged father and mother of a child?

Some DNA testing laboratories only test the alleged father and child, but AlphaBiolabs test the alleged father, child and mother too and you may ask yourself why would you need the mothers DNA after all she should know if she gave birth to the child.

AlphaBiolab’s test the mothers DNA too so to ensures everyone is aware and consenting to the DNA testing.  As we test for 24 markers one of the most accurate DNA tests in the UK we do not really need the mothers DNA sample to carry out a paternity test and do not charge for it.

Legal paternity tests also do not need the mothers DNA sample, although we do request it, but if one party does not want to provide a sample we can still do the testing.

Please note that if you have a paternity test with another firm then they probably test just 16 or 21 DNA markers and you would need to provide the mothers DNA sample for accuracy.