DNA Testing with Tight Court Deadlines.

Over previous month’s we have seen the importance of getting your DNA testing done at an accredited laboratory which is based within the UK.

Recent reports have come to light from reputable law firms which have started using AlphaBiolabs after their previous testing laboratory missed the deadline for their client’s court dates.  Of the five law firms which have recently been added to our books two of the laboratories were late in providing results and one of them the test results were wrong when cross checked.

Of the two labs with late results both of the laboratories were base in Europe. One comment was: “We will never get our DNA testing done in Europe again” It’s all very well for them to blame the postal service for the late results, but it’s my reputation when I have to explain to the court that we have no test results available.  We will stick with a UK based laboratory, not only to help the UK economy, but to ensure that the results I present at court are there on time and right every time”.

Another comment said “We are tired waiting for DNA test results coming in, we do not have time to chase these companies and when we do try to chase them we cannot get hold of anyone.

“All this is in stark contrast to the operation run by AlphaBiolabs, so far we have had no such issues, and while you may appear expensive you have beat any quote we have given you.”

A spokesperson for AlphaBiolabs said “We provide an assurance that our DNA, drug and alcohol testing is provided in a timely manner for any court date and we have a range of testing which can accommodate any deadline set by a court. We are happy to pick up the slack where our European counterparts fall down.”

He went on to say “We have invested a great deal of time and effort in streamlining our internal procedures and improving the accuracy of our DNA testing and we are now confident that AlphaBiolabs can offer our clients the fastest, most accurate DNA testing available and with our price promise guarantee we can beat any like for like quote.”