Settle out of court please.

New legislation being brought in by the Government aims to encourage more families to settle any disagreements through mediation instead of going to court.

The Children and Families Bill, which is currently making its way through the House of Lords, wants family law mediation to be used more often to bring an end to disputes. The bill has already passed through the Houses of Parliament and on October 9 it will reach committee stage when the peers will examine the legislation in detail.

Once it becomes law, all separating couples will be legally required to attend an information and assessment session to look at whether mediation would be a better way to come to an agreement than heading to court. Disagreements could range from how property will be divided between them and custody arrangements for any children.

Family Justice Minister Lord McNally has been championing the benefits of family law mediation saying: “The benefits of mediation are clear – it is quicker, cheaper and leads to better outcomes. That is why we are introducing new laws – which will require couples to attend a mediation information assessment meeting first – to find out more and consider whether it is suitable for them.

“I want to see separating couples, wherever possible, use mediation. The court should be a last resort when couples are working out how to split assets and arrange time with the children.”

The Government has earmarked £25 million of public money to help couples seek mediation with measures including an app to help parents limit the negative impact their separation has on their children.

When couples break up, it is common for arguments and mistrust to take centre stage. The circumstances behind the separation can cause people to have doubts about all aspects of the relationship, including the paternity of any children.

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Our accurate and convenient peace of mind paternity tests are a cost-effective way of equipping people with the truth so they don’t allow doubts, suspicions and allegations to interfere with coming up with an amicable agreement.

Mediation allows people to discuss their concerns and needs in the presence of a qualified and independent mediator. The process allows people to communicate directly with each other in a safe, neutral place before coming up with an agreement between them.

However, we recognise people cannot always agree and sometimes it is necessary to go to court to resolve issues including child custody arrangements. For people who need to prove the paternity of a child for a court case, we offer legal DNA testing. While both our DNA tests are completely accurate, our legal DNA test follows rigorous procedures, which mean the results are admissible as evidence in court.