Choosing the right DNA test could be a mine field with all the choices you have available today, but buying the right test for your needs should not be difficult with just a little research.

The first question before buying a DNA test is what do I need this test for? Is it to find out the paternity of a child, a relationship, such as an alleged sibling or something else?

The next question you have to ask yourself is how will the results affect all the parties involved in the testing process? For example the paternity of a child if the mother of the child genuinely believes that the male being tested is the paternal father of the child, how will this affect the relationship between all parties? It is important you consider speaking to someone regarding this as relationships could breakdown if you receive negative paternity results.

Once you have considered these points the next thing to realise is there is a difference between a peace of mind DNA test and a legal DNA test.

A peace of mind DNA test is just for your peace of mind and cannot be used in a court of law, but a legal DNA test can due to the processes involved in taking the DNA samples.

With a peace of mind test you can buy the DNA test online and we will send you our DNA sample collection kit where you take the DNA samples yourself and send them back to our laboratory for testing. Due to the fact that you take the samples yourself we cannot say for certain who provided the DNA samples, hence this cannot be used in a court.

With a legal DNA test we can provide a third party to take the identification of all the parties being tested, take the samples and seal them in tamperproof envelopes. The samples are given a unique code and taken back to the laboratory for testing. As we have identified all the parties being tested we can say for sure that the samples we have in our DNA laboratory come from the people being tested. These tests can be used in a UK court as there is a full chain of custody involved and no chance of anybody being able to tamper with the samples.

Another thing to consider is the price of the test itself. A peace of mind DNA test is much cheaper than a legal DNA test due to the fact that we have to pay for the sample collection and the extra administration involved.

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