They say that “it’s in his kiss” however researchers in the US have discovered that its more likely to be in his DNA, or more accurately in a couple’s DNA.

Many studies have been carried out in the past which concluded that people tend to marry others who are similar to them in education, social class, race and even height; however the key to a successful marriage may be more scientific.

Research by the University of Colorado looked at the genetic comparisons between 825 non-Hispanic white American couples. They investigated more than 1.7 million potential points of genetic similarity, specifically single-nucleotide polymorphisms among married couples, compared to those of the non-coupled pairs.

They found that married couples were more genetically similar than two randomly chosen individuals. The research showed that the preference for a genetically similar spouse, known as genetic assortative mating, is around a third of the strength of educational assortative mating.

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