A recent survey by the Pennsylvania Manufacturers’ Association shows that pre-employment drug testing and random drug screening their employee’s has had little impact on staff retention or the potential of finding new recruits.

The study shows that for most company’s drug testing did not lead to a large percentage of potential employees refusing to take a drug test or show up for a drug test that would be required as a condition of employment. We also saw a small percentage fail to pass the test. Furthermore, among companies that carry out random drug screenings, few employees appear to be lost as a result of the testing.

As workplace drug testing in the UK continues to grow this report is good news for companies looking to implement a workplace drug testing policy.
The report asked what percentage of job applicants refused to take a drug test or did not show up for a drug test that would be required as a condition of employment, 68% said less than 10%. This climbed to 80% among those with 1-5 employees, and 88% among those with 5-10 employees. 13% said 10% to 25% with a jump to 30% among those with 11-20 employees. Only 4% said 26%-50% and 2% more than 50%.

70% of the businesses said less than 10% of job applicants who take a drug test fail to pass the test.
60% of companies taking part in the survey said they do random pre-employment drug testing as a condition of employment with a jump to 70% among companies with over 50 employees.

This shows that the larger businesses are quick to adopt new working practices and are keen to employ people who are drug free to make the working environment safer and improve productivity.
The report also suggests that having a robust workplace drug testing procedure in place has little effect to existing employees who see random drug testing as a positive procedure.

According to a report last year, more than a million UK workers have drugs in their system, while the number testing positive rose by nearly 50% between 2007 and 2011. These types of statistics are a cause for concern for any business owner.

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