A new report from sky news shows that hundreds of children are bringing drugs into schools every year, including class A drugs.

Figures obtained by Sky News show more than one thousand UK pupils have been caught carrying drugs into schools over the past three years. Among these one thousand, twenty seven pupils were found to be carrying call A drugs.
The figures also show that ninety three pupils were charged with drugs offences, including six still at primary school.

These figures were released from thirty two of the UK’s forty four police forces, but do not include some large forces such as the Metropolitan and Greater Manchester police forces.
With the exclusion of the figures from these large police forces, with large areas of inner city deprivation we expect the figures to rise.

Children’s campaigners are concerned that drug use among children is a serious problem that is being ignored by schools, the police and the Government.

Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of charity Kids Company, which works with children from deprived backgrounds, said: “A lot of (children) are born into households where their parents are prolifically abusing substances.
“What we’re seeing now is that eight and nine year olds are beginning to smoke weed and skunk and then they go on to harder stuff.

“Unfortunately, in a lot of neighbourhoods, children see the drug trade as a completely legitimate way of making a living.

“It’s become so familiar and in a way it’s become so normalised because children are completely surrounded by adults who are using.”

Drugs in schools is not just an inner city problem as schools in affluent areas say they are equally concerned about the likelihood their pupils will be exposed to drug use.

The Government says that drugs have ‘no place whatsoever in the classroom’ and have introduced a range of new powers for teachers to ensure that discipline, behaviour and safety are maintained.

  • Teachers now have the power to search a pupil without their parents’ consent when they suspect that the child may be in possession of a prohibited item.
  • Changes to the education system’s procedures mean a school’s decision to exclude a pupil cannot be reversed by an appeals panel.
  • Teachers can use force to remove disruptive pupils from the classroom when necessary.

While there are powers in place for the removal of a pupil which brings prohibited substances into schools there doesn’t seem to be a support or education structure in place to for the child using drugs.

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