The internet is making it easier than ever for drug users to get hold of illegal substances.
Increasing numbers of addicts and recreational drug users are ordering products online instead of meeting with dealers face-to-face. But these online marketplaces could mean more people are likely to risk their health taking dangerous substances.
The new trend of online dealing was highlighted by the 2014 Global Drug Survey. Researchers polled nearly 80,000 drug users from all over the world about their habits.
The survey found almost one in four of the Brits questioned had bought drugs over the internet. It also found almost 60% of UK drug users had known about Silk Road – a website which sold drugs until it was shut down by the authorities in October 2013.
Of those who had been aware of the site, 44% had actually bought items from it.
The ease and convenience of using the internet to buy drugs is likely to worry family and friends trying to keep their loved ones away from illegal substances.

A Simple test can give you the answers you need

AlphaBiolabs offers simple to use drug tests which can give people the answers they are looking for about whether someone is using drugs.
When someone is a regular drug user, it can be difficult to trust them when they claim to have kicked the habit. The peace of mind drugs test offered by AlphaBiolabs will tell you for certain whether drugs were taken within a certain period so you can get them the help and support they need.
Testing strands of someone’s hair is an extremely accurate way of finding out whether they have used drugs. Evidence of the substances ingested by the body remains locked in the follicles of hair as it grows.
As AlphaBiolabs is the UK’s most established drug and alcohol testing laboratory, your sample will be in safe hands and will never be sent to a third party. All rests are carried out in-house and the results for standard drugs tests will be sent to you in six to nine working days.
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If you suspect a loved one is using drugs, taking a test is an important first test in getting them to confront the problem and get the help they need.