Christmas and New Year can be a difficult time for people recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Parties and socialising combined with the pressure and stress of the festive season can lead to people turning to alcohol or illegal substances. If you have a loved one who has a history of alcohol or drug misuse, you may be worried that they may have fallen off the wagon during December.

January is the ideal time to get help and support for yourself or a loved one. A new year can signal a fresh start and a great opportunity to tackle issues which may be causing problems.

Alpha Biolabs offers drug and alcohol testing services which allow you to find out for certain whether someone you know has been misusing substances. The tests can give you the answers you need to either put your mind at rest or offer help and support.

Tests can reveal drug or alcohol use

All tests are carried out in a UK laboratory and both hair and urine can be tested for drugs or alcohol. While urine tests can reveal whether someone has taken a substance recently, testing a sample of hair can look at drug or alcohol use over a longer period of time.
If you are concerned someone you love may have slipped back into bad habits, here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Reconnecting with the past – If a recovering addict starts spending time with old friends and acquaintances they used to drink or take drugs with, they are at risk of repeating past behaviours.
  • Things going missing – If money, alcohol or prescription drugs have gone missing, this could be a sign that a former addict is using again.
  • Changes in mood – You might find your loved one seems more emotional, anxious, impatient or angry. They may also start behaving in a secretive manner.
  • Problems with sleeping – If someone has started misusing drugs or alcohol again, you may notice their sleep patterns have changed or they experience difficulty in sleeping.
  • Loss of appetite – Not eating much and not appearing to have an appetite is another sign to look out for that substance misuse may be taking place.
  • Dishonesty – If your loved one is telling lies about where they have been or what they have been doing, this should set alarm bells ringing that they may be struggling with their addiction again.

By ordering a drug or alcohol test, you can find out for certain whether or not substance misuse has taken place and work out the best way of dealing with it for a healthy 2015.