A grieving mother has been told she cannot put her dead partner on her baby girl’s birth certificate without a DNA test.

Sarah Dixon’s partner David Broome was killed in a car crash in October, just days before they planned to register the birth of their daughter Shenayah. But as the couple were not married, she has now been told David’s name cannot be included on her daughter’s birth certificate without a legal DNA test proving he was her biological father.

According to UK law, unmarried parents must both be present when registering a birth or a court order must be obtained to prove paternity.

The couple, from Salford, had been together for three years when David died aged 26.
Sarah, 25, told the Daily Mail: “We planned to register her together on the Monday and he died on the Wednesday before. I went to Salford register office and they said ‘we need the father here to register the birth.’ It broke my heart.
“They told me they couldn’t register the birth because we were not married.”

Legal DNA tests can be used in court

This is just one of a series of situations in which a legal DNA test is necessary to prove paternity. Unlike a peace of mind paternity test, the results of a legal DNA test can be used as evidence and are recognised by courts of law and official bodies.

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In a legal DNA test, samples are collected by a medical professional and then transferred securely to the laboratory where they can be tested. These type of tests are also used in cases where there is a dispute over child maintenance or custody and paternity needs to be proved.

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