More solicitors are using DNA relationship testing to resolve family and immigration matters.
AlphaBiolabs a leading DNA testing laboratory has seen a marked increase in the number of solicitors using DNA relationship testing to resolve family and immigration cases in 2014.

The number of DNA paternity cases has risen by 150% from and the number of immigration cases by over 200% in 2013 to 2014.

Gemma Smith operations manager for AlphaBiolabs said yesterday “This marked increase shows that the legal profession is more aware of the DNA testing services which are available”.
“It also shows that AlphaBiolabs is providing a level of service second to none, as we have seen a considerable amount of legal professionals who have switched from inferior testing suppliers to AlphaBiolabs”.

Established in August 2004, AlphaBiolabs is an accredited DNA Paternity, Drug and Alcohol Testing Laboratory. They provide testing to the legal profession, corporations and members of the public who require it.

“Along with our UK wide nurse sample collection network we have created three new walk in clinics in the North west. These walk in clinics allow members of the public who require DNA, drug or alcohol testing to just walk in off the street without an appointment and get their samples collected for free”.
“This unique service could save on sample collection fees of up to £165.00, which makes our testing the most cost effective in the industry”.

Appearing on the Ministry of Justice website AlphaBiolabs is one of only a few laboratories accredited to perform DNA immigration testing, legal DNA testing and drug & alcohol testing with its test results approved for use in UK courts.