The former King of Spain has become the subject of a paternity suit.

Juan Carlos could be forced to take a paternity test to find out whether he is the father of a child conceived while he was crown prince. The Supreme Court in Spain is now investigating the claim which has been filed by a Belgian woman who says her mother had a relationship with the former Spanish king during the 1960s.

A spokesman for the court said the investigation would look at whether the woman had sufficient evidence to back up her claim before deciding whether to order a paternity test.

Ingrid Sariau, who was born in 1966, believes Juan Carlos could be her father as she claims her mother had a relationship with him while he was married to the former queen Sofia.

A second paternity claim against Juan Carlos has already been dismissed by the court because it lacked legal basis.

During the 40 years that Juan Carlos was king, he was immune from being the subject of a lawsuit. But now he is open to legal actions like paternity suits after abdicating in June so his son Felipe could take the throne.

DNA paternity testing will uncover the truth

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If Juan Carlos is asked to prove whether or not he is Ms Sariau’s father, he would have to take a legal DNA test.

Famous people who have taken paternity tests in the past include tennis star Boris Becker, Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and actor Eddie Murphy.