Having the equivalent of one glass of wine can improve your looks according to new research, but you should pass on a second round.
A study conducted by Bristol University suggests that alcohol’s effects on physical appearance such as dilating pupils, making cheeks rosy and relaxing facial muscles can make people seem more attractive and approachable. However, drinking more than one drink may then make rosy cheeks turn red and relaxed facial muscles can then start looking unnatural.
The study used 40 students who drank different levels of alcohol while sober people judged their appearance from headshots with a neutral expression.
Three photos were taken of each person:

  • One photo of them sober
  • One photo of them after one drink (the equivalent of 250ml of wine at 14% in a person weighing 70kg)
  • One photo of them after two drinks (another drink with the same equivalent)


Drink, Beautiful Drink

The photos were presented side-by-side for comparison. Those who were judging would look at either a photo of a person sober next to a photo of them after one drink, or a photo of a sober person next to a photo of them after two drinks. Those who had only one drink were rated as more attractive than those who were sober and the sober people more attractive than those who had two drinks.
Marcus Munafo, the study’s senior researcher said: “It suggests that people are rated as more attractive once they’ve consumed a small amount of alcohol. But if they go and consume more alcohol, they’re no longer related as more attractive.” He added: “That obviously doesn’t mean that alcohol is healthy. What it means is that alcohol is sort of hijacking that mechanism, or promoting the aspects of facial features that we regard as attractive for other reasons.”
There are plenty of other limitations amongst the benefits as it does not take into consideration the effects alcohol may have on looks on a more long term basis. Furthermore, researchers suggest that if your companion is also drinking it is unlikely to matter how many drinks you have had.

Beer Goggle Effect

This may be due to the ‘beer goggle’ effect that can make people seem more attractive after the person judging has been drinking. The same team of researchers claim to have proven this effect with a previous study, with those that were looking at the photos being divided into two groups. One group drank just one alcoholic drink, whereas the others were given a non-alcoholic placebo, with attractiveness ratings being higher among those who had the alcohol.
So it appears that beauty increases when drinking, whether you are the drinker or have the eyes of the beholder, but it is still important to ensure that it is in moderation and infrequently. It may temporarily make you look attractive but it could have a negative effect on the same those same characteristics with long term consumption. It may be worth having that one drink on a first date to bring out your rosy cheeks and it may even give a little boost to your self-confidence, but it does not mean to say you should use it as an excuse to drink everyday in order to try and be your most attractive on a continuous basis.
Drinking frequently and excessively can have numerous negative effects on your health and can even lead to behaviour that can endanger yourself and others. If you feel as though you or someone who you care about is drinking unsafe amounts of alcohol or may have become dependent on it then you may want to consider an alcohol test with AlphaBiolabs. We can test them for a history of alcohol consumption over a period of months in order to determine whether or not they are drinking excessively.