Google is teaming up with university scientists to use its computing prowess to accelerate progress in genomics research, specifically with its Genomic Analysis Tool Kit.

Google Genomics, the cloud-based side of their business that deals with DNA analysis, has offered their services and DNA analysis software from the Broad Institute.

Broad Institute Team up With Google

The Institute consists of scientist from Harvard University, MIT and Havard-affiliated hospitals. Eric Lander, director of the Broad Institute explained how beneficial such a boost will be. He said: “Large-scale genomic information is accelerating scientific progress in cancer, diabetes, psychiatric disorders and many other diseases.

“Storing, analysing, and managing this data is becoming a critical challenge for biomedical researchers. We are excited to work with Google’s talented and experienced engineers to develop ways to empower researchers around the world by making it easier to access and use genomic information.”

Google DNA Analysis Toolkit

Firstly, Google’s analysis toolkit will be made available on the cloud ‘to enable any genomic researcher to upload, store, and analyse data’ – according to a joint statement.

Jonathan Bingham, Google Genomics product manager stated in a blog post that the combined project ‘will work together to explore how to build new tools and find new insights to propel biomedical research, using deep bioinformatics expertise, powerful analytics and massive computing infrastructure.’

He added: ‘We are at the beginning of a genomics-driven healthcare revolution and it’s a privilege to be contributing to it with organisations like the Broad.’

This agreement is the first of its kind but ‘not exclusive.’ Furthermore, Google are not the only giant in the land of the cloud-based DNA analysis businesses as Amazon, Microsoft and IBM also have similar competing ventures.