Envious glances towards those with deep ocean-blue eyes, may soon be coupled with presumptions about their choice of vices.

People with light coloured eyes – specifically blue, green, grey or with brown in the centre – may have a greater chance of becoming dependent on alcohol, according to a new study from the University of Vermont.

Researchers found that within a sample of 1,263 European-Americans, alcohol dependence was more common among those with light eyes than those with dark brown eyes.

Blue Eyes Highest Risk of Alcohol Dependency

People with blue eyes in particular had the highest rates of alcohol dependence, according to the study. In the interest of accuracy the scientists controlled other variables that could influence the results, such as age, sex and genetic ancestry.

The team found a ‘statistically significant’ interaction between genes for eye colour and genes associated with alcohol dependence. This is what is known as a genetic interaction. This doesn’t involve two double-helix’s discussing the weather or the football scores, what it really means is that one gene is having an effect on another.

Dawei Li co-led the study with PhD student Arvis Sulovari. Li admitted “we still don’t know the reason” and that more research was necessary.

The next step for them is to try and replicate the study’s results. If future studies still show a correlation, Li says researchers will try and determine whether the link is strictly due to genetics or if culture factors are influential.

Sulovari said: “This suggests an intriguing possibility – that eye colour can be useful in the clinic for alcohol dependence diagnosis.

“What has fascinated me the most about this work has been investigating the interface between statistics, informatics and biology. It’s an incredible opportunity to study genomics in the context of complex human diseases.”

Practically Speaking

While we agree that it is interesting if there truly is a genetic link between eye colour and alcoholism, we are still unsure if there would be any practical applications of this ‘intriguing possibility’.

Perhaps pub landlords will set limits for serving the darker-stronger spirits to those with lighter eyes, assuming they are weaker-willed to say ‘no’ when they have clearly had their fill.

Or maybe the marketing department of Kaliber will start work on focussed advertising campaigns for their non-alcoholic beer, frantically looking through model portfolios for the ‘true face of the brand’, who has eyes exactly the right shade of blue to match the bottle’s label.

This all might seem a little far-fetched, but if it is proven that there is indeed a direct correlation between the pigmentation of our peepers and alcohol dependency, then those with bright eyes may not look at alcohol lightly in future.

Alcohol Dependency Test

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