It is doubtful that there are fancy dress parties, in which the theme is ‘come as your favourite liquid’. However if it were to catch on, those who chose to dress up as water might be avoided in fear that they would talk about their stamp collection or how many miles per gallon they achieved en route to the venue.

This is because it is official. Water is boring. Or at least a third of British people think so and up to four million people haven’t drunk a glass of water in over a week, according to new research.

While it is hard to disagree that if water were a person that they would hardly be a breakdancing, hilarious-anecdote telling, last-to-leave, life-and-soul of the party. But no matter how boring water is they would be a dependable and essential addition to the group dynamic, not to mention being handy if there are any spillages.

It is important to remember that our bodies are made up of up to 75% water, but so very many of us may forget or ignore this as less than one in four adults regularly drink the recommended two litres of water a day.

‘I Need Caffeine More than Water’

One in seven people (15%) admit to drinking more alcohol than water and the majority of us have tea or coffee instead with 30% per cent saying they need caffeine more than water.

A lot more people probably say ‘I need caffeine more than water’ in a jovial, canteen small-talk kind of way – but it is rather more worrying when it is a jest-free admission as part of an official survey.

This particular survey was conducted with 1,000 adults by SodaStream, which found that only 23% claim to regularly gulp down the recommended two litres of water a day, with 27 per cent unaware of the recommended daily water intake.

Those who did regularly drink water, would perhaps disagree that H2O is a simply a boring collection of molecules. Of those surveyed, 43% said that water makes them feel more energised, 40% said it improves their complexion and makes their skin glow (but not in a liquid uranium sort of way).

Furthermore, 40% also claimed that it reduced food cravings, as people can often mistake their body’s feelings of dehydration with the signal for hunger.

Hydrate the Nation

More than half of those surveyed wished that they drank more water, which is maybe why SodaStream are now launching a ‘Hydrate the Nation’ campaign urging people to turn to sparkling water to get a more exciting hydration experience.

Fiona Hope, managing director of SodaStream UK said “The perception that water is boring isn’t necessarily suprising, but its worrying to see the extent people are neglecting such a vital part of their diet.

“We want to highlight how easy and refreshing it can be to hydrate with sparkling water.”

Going back to the personification of water, according to SodaStream’s philosophy, perhaps sparking water is plain-old ordinary-water’s better looking and more successful brother. Ordinary-water may even turn to the bottle to forget about constantly being in sparkling waters more exciting bubbly shadow (that is enough of the water-as-a-person analogy as it may be getting out of hand).


We cannot deny that this is an interesting investigation into people’s drinking habits, however with the goals such as ‘revolutionising the way people drink water’, we may be forgiven for not taking the subject matter too seriously on this occasion.