This month will see dawn of a new government funding initiative to provide free DNA tests to people who cannot afford them, in an attempt to reduce lengthy court battles.

This conveniently coincides with AlphaBiolabs’ own new initiative, providing next day results as standard for legal DNA testing, making family law cases less stressful and more accessible for everyone.

The new funding follows 2 pilot schemes in Taunton and Bristol that were set up to reduce ‘court room arguments’ that lead to delays in divorce cases, particularly where the alleged parentage of children is involved.

After the pilot schemes seemed to be a useful tool in fixing this issue, it was announced that £500,000 – £1m a year will be provided to families across England that cannot afford DNA testing.

The funding will come from the Children and Family Advisory and Support Service to pay for such tests from this month.

This comes as great news for families, family lawyers and family law courts – especially after government cuts in 2013 meant that legal aid was no longer available for DNA tests.

The new funding was announced by Justice Minister Simon Hughes, who added: “I am determined that all cases involving children should be resolved quickly and whenever possible outside court.”

“However when they do come to court they should be resolved in a civilised way so that children don’t suffer. Unambiguous and conclusive DNA tests will prove parentage and help to end acrimonious and embarrassing court battles.”

Next Day Legal DNA Tests as Standard

AlphaBiolabs have specialised in legal DNA testing for over a decade, helping thousands of families to settle their legal disputes with as limited stress as possible. However, we also push the boundaries with what is possible with DNA testing striving to help clients every step of the way.

By streamlining our processes and utilising the latest technology AlphaBiolabs can now provide next day legal DNA testing as standard, providing an express service at no extra cost.

This means that families awaiting DNA test results will not be left in the dark for days on end and that family cases will not have to be prolonged in family law courts.

Unlike the government funding, this service is available to everyone. So even if a family is not eligible for a free DNA test, they are more likely than ever before to be able to afford it regardless.

Furthermore, if clients of family law solicitors make use of our Walk-in Centres, the sample collection process will be provided for free, meaning further savings for them. These services mean that DNA testing is more accessible to families than ever before.

With next day legal DNA testing and new government funding being introduced this month, September is looking like a pivotal stage in a greater future for family law cases.

If you require legal DNA testing, or have any enquiries please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or

We are an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that provides court approved results for legal DNA testing which is accepted by:

  • Family Law Courts
  • The Ministry of Justice
  • The Child Support Agency
  • The Home Office
  • The UK Border Agency

This also means that our legal DNA testing results can be used immigration purposes. Our legal immigration DNA testing is also provided the next day as standard.

Please note that turnaround times are working days from when the sample arrives at our laboratory before 10.00am