A number of companies are calling out for drug testing laboratories to create more tests for synthetic drugs, with raising concerns that workers are increasingly under the influence of designer compounds imported from overseas.

Toxicology experts say that “desktop drug designers” in China and India are creating new psychoactive substances at a rate of two a week and exporting them as bath salts and powders, but they are not considered illegal because the new compounds are previously unknown and carry no legislation.

They explained: “The profits are enormous, it’s easy to organise their import [and] the manufacturers are not necessarily doing anything illegal – they’re just being asked to make these chemical compounds and they do it and send it.

“The potential for it to be a really big problem is significant and I don’t know what the answer is, but [drug testing laboratories] are trying to be reactive.”

“Tsunami” of new Legal Highs

Workplace drug misuse is not only an issue for the businesses themselves to tackle, employees should also be wary that taking such substances is effectively putting themselves in great danger too. The same toxicology experts said: “We’ve had people on synthetic drugs like flakka* running into poles or falling off balconies because they think they can fly.

“If we have to face a tsunami of new substances like this, the effect on our health, scientific and legal communities will be enormous.”

Australian Immigration and Border protection are on particularly high alert, with an Australian Crime Commission spokeswoman explaining that new psychoactive substances were increasingly being detected in cargo and international mail, intended for resale. They said: “High Risk and Emerging Drug Threats Special Operation also proactively monitors the potential emergence of new illicit drugs and the processes, methodologies and precursor chemicals being used to manufacture them.”

Drugs We Test For

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*What is Flakka?

Flakka, also known as Alpha-PVP, is a legal high which is reported to cause ‘violent and insane’ behaviour. In some American states it is known as ‘gravel’ because it looks like colourful gravel pebbles you’d use to decorate the bottom of an aquarium.

The substance is often misused by snorting, smoking, injecting and by swallowing and has been linked with ‘serious and sometimes deadly’ behavioural problems.

It is certainly not a substance that you would want to actually decorate your aquarium with, as from the sound of it, this could turn your everyday goldfish into a man-eating piranha.