A well-known breakdown company may be wary that their advertised status as the forth emergency service is perhaps in danger.

This danger doesn’t come from a rival breakdown company, but rather a 24 hour alcoholic drink delivery service known as Drink Doctor, as they are using what appear to be imitation ambulance to deliver beer, wine, shots and mixers.

Booze Ambulance Advert Banners Blocked

The ‘boozebulance’ has caused a stir with the Advertising Standards Authority because of the vehicles medical imagery and highlighting of the figures 999 within its phone number.

They have told the Sale based firm to stop using any such imagery in the future as it made alcohol seem ‘indispensable’. The firm’s founder was amazed by the decision.

Jay Brown, who set up the company 9 years ago, explains the reference is intended as a light hearted joke and suggests there is no danger of anyone confusing him for a real life doctor.

He said: “I’m absolutely dumbfounded at the decision. We’ve been trading for nine years and we’ve only had one complaint.

“There’s absolutely no way that anyone’s going to confuse the boozebulance for a real life ambulance.

“When Damien Hirst created The Pharmacy nobody thought it was an actual pharmacy and tried to get a prescription.”

The real issue of whether or not the Advertising Standards Authority has a valid argument probably lies within how close of an imitation the vehicle is to a real ambulance.

In one advert the banner reads: “24 Hour Alcohol Delivery” with a picture of a woman in a nurse’s outfit. The phone number was also shown, with the 999 with the figures highlighted in red.

Another ad is upon a white van with branding that states: “Boozebulance 24hr Booze & Balloon Delivery” and a red line in the style of an electrocardiogram with four bottles arranged in a cross symbol.

Booze Ambulance Links Alcohol with Medical Assistance

The Advertising Standards Authority explained their decision to uphold the complaint. They said: “We considered that these references presented alcohol as a product to be used in the same manner, and provided for the same reasons, as medical treatment and that they therefore drew a link between the provision of alcohol and the provision of medical assistance.”

They added: “We also considered that the image of the ‘boozebulance’ vehicle and the emphasised ‘999’ digits, in particular, carried the added implication of emergency assistance, and that alcohol was therefore something that was necessary and indispensable.”

Drink Doctor challenged the complaint before agreeing to remove the imagery, a published response said that the company ‘took the utmost responsibility when dealing with their customers and the general public.’

It added: ‘They believed they acted responsibly by only opening during the weekends rather than every day.’

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