The reduction in legal aid has hit hard in all areas of the legal system, but perhaps no one has been hit harder than vulnerable families at times when they need a helping hand the most.

DNA Testing More Accessible A mother may need to legally establish the paternity of her children in order to rightly gain financial support in raising those who she loves most. A man may reside in turmoil, agonising over the separation of his relatives, unable to prove that they are his kin to be reunited with them in his country of citizenship.

While the government is reducing the number of crutches it is willing to hand out, the slope in legal aid may not seem as steep for such circumstances now that DNA testing is more accessible for everyone.

Fast, Affordable DNA Testing

With services such as AlphaBiolabs’ next day legal DNA testing, provided as standard with no extra cost, DNA testing has become quicker and more affordable to families and clients than ever before.

This accessibility is furthered with the potential to visit centres at various locations across the UK, where the sample collection portion of the process is provided free of charge and without the need for an appointment. Saving money for quality and prompt services has become paramount with the decline in financial support and increasingly urgent deadlines to be met.

Although the reduction in legal aid is the antithesis of a jumping for joy moment, at least the blow is somewhat cushioned through the great dedication quality DNA testing companies and reputable solicitors provide, at the most critical of times.