A decision to film a drug user smoking crystal meth for a television show has sparked controversy.

An Australian TV crew interviewed a man while he was inhaling a pipe filled with the narcotic substance. But some people feel people should not be shown using drugs on television.

Viewers living in Australia watched as a man known only as Clive smoked the drug in Melbourne as part of Channel 7’s Sunday Night show.

‘Clive’ said it was easy to get hold of crystal meth, which is often referred to by the nickname ice, and could be bought on the streets in less than 15 minutes. He claimed the drug made him feel “invincible”, “ready to party” and as if he was 6ft 8in.

But he did warn others from following his lead and taking up the habit, saying “It’s not something that should be out there for next generations to come. It is a dirty drug.”

Methamphetamine, known as crystal meth, can leave users feeling confused, agitated and paranoid. In some cases, people taking the highly addictive drug can become aggressive.

Tests to reveal methamphetamine misuse

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Crystal Meth became more high profile when it was featured in the popular US television series Breaking Bad. It can be smoked and injected and there is some evidence that long-term use can cause brain damage.