DNA testing has revealed that a set of Vietnam twins have different fathers.

A paternity test has revealed the two-year-old children, who live in Vietnam, have different biological fathers despite being born on the same day. The 34-year-old man who believed he was the father of both twins underwent DNA testing after his family raised concerns that the twins, who are the same gender, did not look like each other.

According to the Vietnamese online newspaper Dan Tri, one of the twins has straight fine hair while the other’s hair is thick and wavy.

Professor Le Dinh Luong, president of the Genetic Association of Vietnam, confirmed that DNA testing at his Hanoi lab had proved the twins have different fathers. Tests were also carried out on the mother to ensure neither of the twins had been swapped at birth with another child and she was found to be the biological mother of both the toddlers.

Eggs are fertilised by more than one partner

Although bi-paternal twins are rare, it is possible if a woman releases two eggs during ovulation and then has intercourse with more than one partner while she is fertile. It is unusual for sperm cells from different men to fertilise two separate eggs but although the chance of this happening is small, it does sometimes occur.

Professor Luong could not give any details about the family concerned due to client confidentiality but he said he believes it is the first confirmed case of bi-paternal twins in Vietnam.

In 2015, a US court ruled that a man only had to pay child support for one twin after a DNA test showed he was not the father of both children. And in 2009 a set of bi-paternal twins were born in Dallas, Texas after their mother had an affair.

Justin and Jordan Washington were born just seven minutes apart but as they grew older, their mother Mia Washington realised they did not look alike. A paternity test revealed the twins had different fathers but her partner James Harrison agreed to raise both boys as his own.

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