Cannabis users are more likely to suffer from broken heart syndrome, a study as claimed.

The condition, which is also known as stress cardiomyopathy, has similar symptoms to a heart attack, including fainting, dizziness, breathlessness and chest pains. The effects, brought on by the heart struggling to pump blood around the body, are usually temporary but can be a warning sign that there is a bigger problem.

Researchers studied 33,343 people in America who were taken to hospital suffering from stress cardiomyopathy between 2003 and 2011. They found that those taking cannabis were nearly twice as likely to suffer from stress cardiomyopathy than those who stayed away from the drug.

The study’s co-author Dr Amitoj Singh, based at St Luke’s University in Pennsylvania, said: “People need to know that marijuana may be harmful to the heart and blood vessels in some people. If you are using marijuana and develop symptoms such as chest pain and shortness of breath, you should be evaluated by a healthcare provider to make sure you aren’t having stress cardiomyopathy or another heart problem.”

Research highlights health danger

The research, which was presented at a meeting of the American Heart Association, also found that cannabis users were more likely to enter cardiac arrest while suffering from stress cardiomyopathy than people who do not take the drug.

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