A woman who was abandoned as a baby has discovered the identity of her biological mother thanks to DNA testing.

Janet Keall was a newborn baby when she was left outside a hospital in Canada in October 1977. Now aged 39, she has spent 21 years looking for her birth mother using posts on social media as well as DNA tests.

Her search saw her find two half-siblings who were also abandoned at birth in the same town – Prince Rupert in British Columbia. But she only learnt who her mother was after she had died in August 2016.

Janet held a meeting at the town hall in Prince Rupert to share her story and break the news that while her search was over, she would never get the chance to be reunited with her mother. She decided not to identify the woman publicly, saying “she’s not here to tell her story”.

Janet said: “I still can’t quite believe I did it. I’ve had 21 years of nothing. Nothing and silence.”

DNA tests revealed family members

After appealing for information on Facebook and other social media sites, Janet turned to genetic testing, which confirmed two other people who had been discovered in Prince Rupert as newborn babies were her siblings. Her half-sister Kathie had been abandoned in February 1976, while her half-brother had been left in May 1979.

She then discovered a first cousin through DNA testing and was then able to track down her biological mother and confirm her identity with a maternity test.

Janet said that her mother had been struggling at the time she abandoned her children but had gone on to make a new life away from Prince Rupert.

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