Nearly £1 million of illegal drugs were taken off the streets of a Scottish region last year.

During 2016, police officers working on Operation Slate in Tayside took possession of more than 1,000 batches of drugs from criminals operating in Dundee and the surrounding area. And the total value of the illegal substances confiscated since the operation was launched back in May 2015 now stands at £1,410,792, according to the Tele.

The police have also seized cash totalling £106,830 from offenders as part of the anti-drugs crackdown. The seizures last year included more than 500 packages containing class-B drugs and more than 300 class-A substances.

Officers also confiscated new psychoactive substances (NPS), formerly referred to as legal highs, on 16 occasions last year.

Tayside Division’s Superintendent Graeme Murdoch of Tayside Division said: “Operation Slate, our initiative to tackle drug-related criminality, continues to be successful in reducing harm in our communities by removing illegal drugs from our streets and disrupting drug supply. We act on a variety of sources of information and intelligence to carry out controlled drugs searches — on individuals concerned in drug-related criminality, their vehicles, homes and businesses and we target major suppliers and their networks.

“Our officers in Tayside are regularly assisted by road policing officers, police search teams, the dog section, organised crime investigators and other specialists who work with us to ensure that we get the best results from the intelligence available to us. Illegal drug misuse can cause suffering for many users and their families.”

Support for addicts is vital

Removing drugs from the streets and prosecuting dealers is one way of helping people who are dependent on illegal substances. However, it is also vital that users receive support and treatment to overcome their addiction.

Drug testing is one way of establishing whether someone has an issue with substance misuse. It can be used to look at their drug consumption over a period of months with a hair strand test or blood or urine samples can be analysed to find out whether someone is currently under the influence or alcohol or illegal substances.

Drug tests may be used as evidence in a court case or they may be carried out as a condition of a community order to monitor an individual’s progress after sentencing. Workplace drug testing can also be used by companies who want to crack down on the consumption of illegal substances by their employees.

Members of the public can also order drug tests online from AlphaBiolabs so they can find out for themselves whether a loved one has been taking an illicit substance.