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Anyone looking to take a home paternity test in Cardiff can talk to AlphaBiolabs – we will guide you through every stage, from the minute you decide to take that important step to discreetly delivering your results in a password-protected email. 

We have a long history of working with men who want to determine biological parentage of a child, adult children wanting to know if the man they’ve grown up with is truly their biological father, siblings who want to confirm they share the same biological parent – our 16 years’ experience in working alongside families to provide answers to what is often a much-feared question, puts us at the forefront of reliable and accurate DNA relationship testing in the UK.

How does paternity testing work?

AlphaBiolabs’ DNA paternity testing kits contain everything you’ll need to collect DNA samples from an alleged father, one child and one mother (if she is participating in the test). Extra equipment can be provided where more children are to be tested, just request this when you place your order with us online, or when you speak to one of our team.

Clear instructions will guide you through the DNA collection process. Using mouth swabs, you can collect your own DNA by collecting cheek cells from the inside of your mouth. Once carefully packaged in the enclosed return postage envelope, decide whether you would like next day or same day results when you complete the Peace of Mind DNA Test Request form also included in the kit, then post your samples back to us.

Once your samples reach our laboratory, our scientists will get to work in analysing them for matching DNA markers. Because every child inherits half his or her DNA from their biological father and half from their biological mother, matching DNA markers will prove a biological relationship. Where the samples do not show matches at all 24 markers, or less than 22, a biological relationship cannot be proven between those two individuals.

Where there are more than 22 but less than a full match, the mother’s sample can be used to clarify the probability of paternity. Where we can identify the DNA markers from the biological mother, those left can only have come from the biological father. We can provide up to 99.99 per cent probability of paternity in a paternity test.

Paternity testing at our Cardiff Walk-in Centre

You can also make an appointment to attend our Walk-in Centre, located on Bishop Street in Grangetown, Cardiff, where one of our trained sample collectors will take the mouth swab samples for you and those of the child and mother. You do not have to have your samples taken at the same location; however, we do recommend they are taken at similar times to avoid any samples deteriorating whilst in waiting.

How to order a home paternity test kit in Cardiff

Order your home paternity test online or contact our Customer Services team today on 0333 600 1300 with any questions or to place your order, or email us at: info@alphabiolabs.com Our Learning Centre also covers paternity testing in more detail.