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Home paternity testing in London is available via AlphaBiolabs discreet, rapid DNA testing services to help you determine whether there is a biological connection between an alleged father and child.

It is thought that one person in ten is mistaken about the identity of their biological father in the UK, that’s a considerable number of people who either knowingly or otherwise are living with a secret that, if revealed, could have a huge impact on an individual and indeed their family.

At AlphaBiolabs we have been working with families for 16 years to guide them through the process of paternity testing – what’s involved, how to take a test and what the results mean.

Whether you decide to take a test with the knowledge and support of others or privately and discreetly, our home DNA Paternity Testing kit is a fully-contained, affordable way of bringing you the answers you’ve been looking for, with support every step of the way.

Our DNA Paternity testing kit costs just £99 for next day results. We can also provide same day results, where your samples reach our laboratory by 10am, for an additional fee, so that you don’t have to wait longer for those all-important results.

Our paternity testing kits include everything you need to confidently collect your own DNA samples at home. We supply all the return packaging with clear instructions informing you how to carefully return your used sample swabs so our scientists can carry out testing at our laboratory, on receipt of your samples.

If you require extra assistance when taking your samples, you can call our Customer Services team who will be ready to talk you through each stage of the test. We also operate two, London-based Walk-in Centres, Camden in North London and Clapham in South London, where our sample collectors can take the sample for you. A booking is required for this service.

On receipt of your samples at our laboratory, our team of trained DNA scientists will analyse your DNA samples to look for matching DNA markers. We analyse 25 markers and in the case of a confirmed biologically relationship we expect to see all those markers matching, if not, no less than 22. Where this is the case, we prefer to examine a sample from the child’s mother before we return a probability of paternity result.

Our other paternity testing kits

AlphaBiolabs can also carry out paternity testing where a child is not yet born. This is known as a prenatal paternity test and requires a trained medical professional to take a blood sample from the expectant mother. There is no risk to the mother or baby in doing so. Our prenatal paternity test is entirely safe for mother and baby. We also require mouth swab samples from the alleged father which are compared against fetal DNA extracted from the mother’s blood sample.

Where an individual is deceased, we can also carry out legal relationship DNA testing to establish paternity after death. Firstly, a viability must be carried out to determine whether a viable sample can be obtained from the deceased, which can then be analysed against that of the remaining family members. Our legal DNA testing can be provided with next day results and is accepted in UK courts and can be used for probate purposes.

How to order a home paternity test kit in London

Order you home paternity test kit in London here or contact our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 for legal DNA testing or with any questions you may have, or email us at: info@alphabiolabs.com

Our Learning Centre also cover paternity testing in more detail.