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Can you do a prenatal paternity test at home? Read our latest expert guide to find out…

Can you do a prenatal paternity test at home?

Yes, you can do you own prenatal paternity test at home. With the support of one of our trained Sample Collectors who can visit your home or a suitable location of your choosing to safely take a blood sample from the expectant mum, and two mouth swabs. Alternatively, you can attend one of our nationwide Walk-in centres to provide the samples or arrange your own phlebotomy collection privately.

The AlphaBiolabs prenatal paternity test is entirely safe for mother and baby and involves no invasive procedure, unlike some other forms of prenatal paternity testing. The test requires analysis of a blood sample taken from the mother’s arm, as well as the mouth swabs, and two mouth swab samples from the alleged father.

The mother’s blood sample is examined for traces of foetal DNA, which is then analysed alongside the alleged father’s samples for matching DNA markers. Children inherit half their DNA from their biological mother and half from their biological father, so where there is a biological relationship all DNA markers would be expected to match. Where there are less matches, a biological relationship cannot be proven.

When you make that all-important decision to take a prenatal paternity test with AlphaBiolabs, we will send a discreetly packaged test to your specified address. Once your samples have been collected, return them to us for analysis at our specialised testing laboratory, where our scientists will carry out what’s known as Next Generation Sequencing.

How do I get my prenatal paternity results?

Your prenatal paternity results will be sent to you in seven working days, or sooner if you choose to pay for our faster four-day turnaround service.  You will receive your results in a password-protected email from one of our expert scientists.

AlphaBiolabs has been providing DNA testing services to members of the public and the legal sector since 2004.

Our prenatal paternity test is available to buy from our website, for £875 with results in 7 working days, or for an extra £200 for results within four working days.

We are an award-winning, accredited testing lab, ready to take you call, on 0333 600 1300 or you can email us, at: info@alphabiolabs.com

Order a prenatal paternity test

AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning DNA testing lab. Prenatal paternity testing starts from £875.