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Not many people are familiar with Y chromosome testing – what it’s for and why you might need one, but at AlphaBiolabs, we undertake numerous Y chromosome tests every year.

This particular type of DNA test is used to see whether two or more men come from the same male lineage – essentially whether they are biologically related in their male, paternal ancestry.

The test requires the collection of cheek cells (also known as buccal cells) from the inside of a man’s mouth. Back at our laboratory, DNA is extracted from these cells and compared with those of another alleged male relative. 

Where there is a full match between the tested samples, this confirms the men share a paternal line. If the results show different Y chromosome profiles however, then conclusively, we can say they do not share the same paternal line.

Some uses of the Y chromosome test include male cousins, who might wish to check if their fathers were siblings, or brothers who want to check whether they share the same grandfather or even great-grandfather.

Y men only?

This test can only be undertaken by men because, of the two sexes, only they carry the Y chromosome.

Women do not – they carry two X chromosomes, whereas men carry one X and one Y.

Every man inherits his Y chromosome from his father, and he from his father and so on. The same Y chromosome is passed down from generation to generation meaning a clear paternal line can be detected in related males who undergo this test.

Biological brothers, male cousins, paternal uncles, father and son – they will all share the same Y chromosome.

Although females do not carry the Y chromosome themselves, a male biological relative can take the test on their behalf, which can be useful when proving relationships between paternal cousins, for example.

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