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AlphaBiolabs’ home DNA tests can determine biological connections between many family members, including mothers, fathers and their children, brothers and sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, as well as grandparents and grandchildren.

A home DNA test is a peace of mind DNA test that can give you answers to questions that might have long caused a problem or big doubts within your family about the biological identity of a certain family member.

Our home DNA tests can be discreetly purchased online or over the phone. We will send your sample collection kit in non-branded packaging to the address of your specification and our prompt delivery service means you will receive your kit as early as the next working day.

Results can be available the same working day or the next day, depending on the speed you require and your circumstances.

Our paternity and maternity tests are available from as little as £99 with next-day results as standard. Sibling, twin, grandparent, aunt and uncle DNA tests are also available.

Our sample collection kits include full instructions and all the equipment necessary for you to take your samples without the need for help from a medical professional.

Our kits are designed with the home-user in mind, so you’ll find them easy to use and non-invasive. For most of our DNA tests, all that’s required is a collection of cheek cells (known as buccal cells) from the inside of the donor’s mouth.

These are collected using the enclosed mouth swabs which are then stored in the provided packaging and returned to our laboratory for analysis.

Prenatal and Toothbrush DNA testing

Our prenatal paternity and toothbrush DNA tests are slightly different.

Our prenatal test is a non-invasive test to determine the paternity of your baby before he/she is born.

It can be performed as early as seven weeks’ after conception, it is entirely safe for mother and baby and as well as two cheek cell samples from mum and the alleged father, it requires a blood sample from the expectant mother.

You will need the help of a medical professional to take the blood sample either at home or at a clinic, but everything else can be done by you, in the privacy of your own home.

We can test used toothbrushes for DNA, too – where it’s going to be difficult or too intrusive to collect a cheek cell sample – from a young child for example. We can extract DNA from their used toothbrush instead of sending you a kit to collect cells with two cheek swabs.

This method is also useful for older children, who could ask awkward questions in the case of paternity disputes.

All our DNA peace of mind testing is carried out at our dedicated laboratory by our trained scientists.

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To find out more about our DNA testing, visit our website, or call our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email info@alpahbiolabs.com

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AlphaBiolabs is an award-winning DNA testing lab. DNA testing starts from just £99.