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DNA testing a father and child only can help to definitively confirm paternity and name an individual as a child’s biological father.

How does DNA testing for a father and child only work?

A paternity test proves parentage by analysing the DNA found in cheek cells. By examining the specific DNA markers in each sample, it is possible to identify which half of a child’s DNA is inherited from the mother, and which half is inherited from the father.

When testing a biological father, both the child and their father will share identical sections of DNA at each marker. If the man tested is not the child’s biological father, there will be differences in the DNA.

The mother does not need to take part in DNA testing, as long as the father has parental responsibility for the child. This means that the father must either be named on the child’s birth certificate, or be married to the child’s mother.

Can I order a father and child DNA test to use at home?

Yes. Our peace of mind DNA testing kits can be ordered online via our website and posted directly to an address of your choice. You can receive your results the next working day for £99, or expedite your results and receive them on the same day for £169. Order before 2pm to receive your DNA testing kit via Special Delivery the next working day.

Can I do a legal DNA test for a father and child only?

Yes. Legal paternity tests can be provided as evidence in court, so they must be performed under specific instructions that differ to our peace of mind paternity tests.

A legal paternity test must be completed under a chain of custody. Trained sample collectors ensure that the correct individual is providing the DNA sample by checking their ID, taking photographs and obtaining signed paperwork. Any samples provided will also be sealed with tamper tape.

This type of paternity test can still be undertaken in your own home, but a trained sample collector would need to attend. You can also provide legal DNA samples for free at one of AlphaBiolabs’ Walk-in centres.

To find out more about DNA testing for a father and child only, visit our Learning Centre.

You can order your peace of mind paternity test via our website. If you have any questions about DNA testing a father and child only, please call our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email

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