Giving Back

AlphaBiolabs carries out a wide range of alcoholdrug and DNA testing for local authorities and organisations involved in family law and child welfare.

As such, we are keenly aware of the daily challenges faced by vulnerable children, families and communities across the UK.

Drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, violence and child protection issues are all sadly commonplace in the homes that our sample collectors visit every day.

We recognise the tireless efforts of local, regional and national charities for the life-changing help and advice they offer to those affected by addiction, poverty or illness.

We decided that we wanted to help.

That’s why we launched our Giving Back campaign and, since April 2021, have already donated almost £60,000 to charities working with some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and families.

We chose four incredible charities that work closely with some of the UK’s most vulnerable children and families:

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (Nacoa)

One in five children in the UK are affected by their parent’s drinking. Since 1990, Nacoa has offered confidential and judgement-free information, advice and support to the children of alcohol-dependent parents. Nacoa doesn’t just support young people. It helps anyone who struggles with their parent’s drinking habits, even into adulthood.

National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS)

NYAS is a national children’s rights charity providing advocacy and legal representation to children and vulnerable adults when important decisions are being made about them. NYAS empowers young people to have their voice heard and ensures that their wishes are expressed and acted upon to improve their current situation and help them build a better future.

Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol & Drugs (SFAD)

Scottish Families supports anyone concerned about someone else’s alcohol or drug use in Scotland. Families do an amazing job supporting their loved ones through substance use, but it can be very frightening and isolating. SFAD ensures that these families are not alone in dealing with the issues they face and supports them in moving on with their lives.

TGP Cymru

Launched in 2002, TGP Cymru is a Welsh children’s rights charity. It supports and represents vulnerable children and young people through a variety of projects, training initiatives and campaigns. TGP Cymru helps those who may be experiencing difficulties in accessing health, education or social care services.