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Paternity test

Paternity test was really easy to use and to understand. The results came back the next day. Excellent, would recommend AlphaBiolabs.

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Used the next day service for a peace of mind paternity test. My daughter is now 3 1-2 however the father only made contact this year. I think I was starting to doubt myself and maybe the reasons I was struggling with our relationship. So pleased with the result, it’s a real turning point and really has settled my mind, can move forward as a family together!

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I’m so glad I went with Alphabiolabs for my peace of mind paternity test. Great prices, the quickest service which was perfect in my situation, customer service was quick efficient and polite when I spoke to them and prompt results exactly when they said I would have them. Could not fault this company at all I would highly recommend to anyone who needs a peace of mind 100%

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Prenatal Paternity test

My experience was great overall. I purchased the prenatal paternity test kit. I was able to get my questions answered regarding who I could contact for the blood draw for the test easily. Once shipped, I received confirmation of the samples and within the specified time frame I received the results. Thank you so much for making this such an easy process as the waiting process was so nerve wracking but we got the information exactly when specified.

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I recently used Alphabiolabs service at their Warrington site. The entire process was excellent from start to finish from the people who I dealt with on the phone to the staff who took my sample and the help they gave me was superb. Their service was professional and discreet nothing was too much trouble and they made me feel at ease from start to finish. Thank you again for everything

Prenatal DNA Test customer
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Wow. 5 months of being unsure on the father of my unborn child. Now I can finally enjoy the rest of my pregnancy stress free! I got the result I wanted, but even if it turned out the baby wasn’t his I am still so so grateful for AlphaBiolabs’ help. I couldn’t have gone the whole 9 months being uncertain. Me and my partner are so grateful. I paid 799 for the prenatal DNA test as I arranged my own blood collection from my doctor to save money. Alphabiolabs sent me the kit next day delivery as promised. Thanks so much alphabiolabs and for the great customer service aswell. I was constantly ringing with anxiety and the staff are amazing xx

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Twin test

After 50 years of thinking my sister and I looked a lot alike but were fraternal, we now know we are identical. Doctor in 1972 thought because there were 2 sacs we must be fraternal but 2 sacs is common with identical twins too!!

Karen Johnson
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For 26 years we believed that our twin boys were non-identical, as the consultant told me during the scan that the babies were in two separate sacs and that there were two placenta present which meant that they were non-identical. Everyone struggled to tell the boys apart and we recently decided to arrange a zygosity test with AlphaBiolabs to clarify the matter once and for all.

To our surprise the results confirmed that the boys are identical. This has ended years of speculation within the family and has provided us with conclusive scientific proof.

Gail and Chris Evans
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After receiving a lot of comments that our twin girls look very similar, we ordered the Twin DNA Test (Zygosity Test) on AlphaBiolabs website. They are DCDA twins (have separate sacs and placentas) and twins also run in the family so as much as I really wanted identical twins, I thought they’d be non-identical.

The test kit arrived quickly and it was really easy to conduct (even with my twins being premature in NICU). I was so impressed that I could receive the results on the same day the lab received the swabs back.

I will never forget the day I saw the email in my inbox, we were so excited to open it and receive the results! They’re in fact identical and I feel reassured that AlphaBiolabs operate at double the industry standard for DNA testing in the UK.

Highly recommend using them for twin DNA testing – the process was effortless and they’re a reputable and reliable company.

Kelly Coupland
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Other DNA tests

I recently had IVF and give birth to my beautiful baby girl. I wasn’t worried at first but then I read an article in a magazine about how sometime samples are mixed up at the IVF clinic. I DIDN’T SLEEP! I chose this company as they had the best customer reviews and I wasn’t disappointed. They did my test SAME DAY and I am really happy with the service. Thank you so very much!!!!

Maternity DNA Test customer
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Was referred from a friend to this company. Couldn’t fault the service and results were on time as stated. Thank you for your service!! I will be spreading the word about this amazing company

Sibling DNA Test customer
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I haven’t seen my father since I was a child but recently had doubts he was actually my biological father. My grandparents have always been there for me and agreed to have a DNA test to settle all of these doubts once and for all. The thought of having a test was nerve wracking but AlphaBiolabs performed a next day test with no hassle at all. The results were positive meaning that I can move on with my life. Thank you!

Grandparent DNA Test customer
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Health tests

This test has changed my life! After suffering for nearly three years with abdominal pain, severe bloating, and bleeding, I was no closer to understanding what was causing my symptoms. I felt like a hypochondriac and a burden, as I had to keep going back to my GP with the same problems.

I did some research online and this, as well as comments from family, friends and colleagues, led me to believe I could have coeliac disease. I ordered the test, which was amazingly easy to do – just a simple and painless cheek swab.

My results came back showing that I had a high risk of coeliac disease. I took the results to my GP the next day and was sent for further testing, which confirmed that I do indeed have coeliac disease. I cannot recommend this test highly enough for anyone suffering with symptoms and feeling they are getting nowhere with a diagnosis. Take the test – less than a minute could change your life. It did for me.

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