Prenatal paternity testing: what you need to know

Prenatal paternity testing is an incredibly useful tool, making it possible to identify a baby’s biological father before the baby is even born. In this blog, we break down what you need to know when ordering a prenatal paternity test, how the process works, and what samples are required for testing.   How does a […]

Why DNA testing is the only accurate way of verifying paternity

DNA profiling has been available for over 40 years, thanks to techniques developed by Sir Alec Jeffreys in 1984. By 1988, DNA fingerprinting was available for paternity testing (Adams, 2008). However, before the availability of modern-day DNA testing, people would look at different traits, such as blood type, physical resemblance, and behaviour to determine the […]

Celebrating twins in Igbo-Ora: the ‘Twin Capital of the World’

As a DNA testing laboratory offering twin DNA (zygosity) testing, we recognise the special nature of twin births. But there’s one place in the world that goes a step further – where twins are celebrated as a blessing, and people are disappointed if they do not give birth to twins; Igbo-Ora, in south-western Nigeria. Birth […]

Introducing our finger prick PEth blood alcohol test for legal and official matters

We are pleased to announce that you can now order a finger prick phosphatidylethanol (PEth) blood alcohol test for legal and official matters, direct from our award-winning, accredited UK laboratory. Where other laboratories require a venepuncture blood draw for PEth testing (from a vein in the arm/back of the hand), our fast and effective finger […]

Child Concern receives latest Giving Back charity donation

We have now made our second Giving Back charity draw of the year and are delighted to announce that the randomly selected customer was Sarah Hodson, Paralegal at McAlister Family Law in Manchester. Sarah nominated Child Concern to receive a £500 donation, in recognition of the valuable and practical support the charity provides for dealing […]

5 common paternity testing myths – busted

As the provider of the UK’s bestselling at-home paternity test, we know that there are many misconceptions surrounding paternity testing, what the test involves, and what the results of a paternity test can tell you. In this blog, we address some of the most common paternity testing myths and put them to rest once and […]

Coeliac Disease Awareness Month: the role of genetic testing in diagnosis

This month (May) is Coeliac Disease Awareness Month – a time to share knowledge on coeliac disease and increase awareness and understanding of the condition. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting millions of people worldwide.  It develops over time because of a sensitivity to gluten – a protein found in cereal grains including wheat, […]

MOCCA and MOCCA-B: the most commonly tested substances in legal drug testing

As a leading provider of legal drug testing for family law professionals, social workers, and local authorities, our award-winning UK laboratory routinely tests for a wide variety of drugs and their metabolites (breakdown products). Yet of all the substances we test for at AlphaBiolabs, there are a handful that show up time and time again […]

Understanding twin DNA: Can identical twins look different?

As a provider of twin DNA testing, we are often asked about the science behind twin DNA, especially when it comes to identical twins. One of the most common questions is whether identical twins can look different from one another… Surprisingly, they can! So, how can you ever know whether twins are truly genetically identical? […]