In the government’s latest move towards combatting the coronavirus, large-scale testing has been rolled out across the UK, using 15-minute COVID-19 testing devices, otherwise known as instant Antigen tests or lateral flow tests.

The testing being used, lateral flow testing, can rapidly screen people for the virus and quickly. Essentially, those who are positive can isolate almost immediately without having to wait for laboratory-analysed results and don’t run the risk of passing on the virus in the meantime.

It also removes the need for people to self-isolate in some cases needlessly, whilst waiting for laboratory results that are negative.

The 15-minute COVID test is also very easy to use. In the workplace for example where the rapid turnaround tests are proving to be especially useful, test is normally self-administered with no requirement for medical assistance or intervention.

Each 15-minute COVID-19 testing kit is individually packaged and comes with all the equipment necessary to collect and test your own sample. The sterile swab is used to collect a nose and throat swab sample which is then mixed with a buffer liquid. The mixed fluids are then placed into the sample well of the 15-minute COVID-19 test and as the ‘lateral flow’ process occurs the device will show coloured lines against the relevant results marker within 15 minutes.

Where a sample is positive, a black line will appear next to the positive marker, simultaneously, to demonstrate that the test is working, a line will appear next to the control marker on the device. Within 15 minutes this process will be complete, giving the user the vital result they need.

In workplaces, 15-minute COVID-19 testing can be backed up by what’s considered the ‘gold standard’ in COVID-19 testing. The PCR swab test.

The PCR swab test also derives a result from a nose and throat swab sample, but in a laboratory setting by trained scientists. Scientists use the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method to find traces of viral RNA (the genetic material of the virus) which they then multiply to create billions of copies of the viral RNA in order to test and obtain a result.

The process requires a more complex testing method, hence why it’s known as the ‘gold standard’ in COVID testing. 

AlphaBiolabs provides both testing options to workplaces. We have been working with the UK’s employers throughout the pandemic to help them keep operating in these unprecedented, difficult times.

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