£84m worth of cannabis seized by West Midlands Police throughout 2021

£84m worth of cannabis seized by West Midlands Police throughout 2021

An incredible £84 million worth of cannabis was seized by West Midlands Police in 2021, with the biggest find being made in Walsall.

The figure has been released as police say they are continuing to crack down on organised crime gangs that operate cannabis farms in the region.  

Police added that many of the industrial-sized cannabis factories are linked to organised criminals “making big money on the back of others’ suffering”.

A magnet for anti-social behaviour

The criminal acts associated with cannabis go beyond simply growing the illicit plant. Officers said they had seen the wider impact of such farms on people who had been illegally trafficked to tend crops.

Vulnerable people are also used to distribute drugs across the country and are often exposed to serious harm from rival gangs.

Detective Chief Inspector Nick Dale, from West Midlands Police Serious Organised Crime and Exploitation team, said: “Increasingly people are getting fed up with being blighted by these drug factories and are calling us with information.

“The cannabis factories can be in industrial units or disused factories but often we find them in residential streets surrounded by family homes or even near schools. They are a magnet for anti-social behaviour and crime.”

Residents in the region who suspect that a property is being used to deal or produce drugs have been urged to contact West Midlands Police or Crimestoppers.

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