Accredited and Unaccredited DNA Testing Laboratories

What’s the difference between accredited and unaccredited DNA testing laboratories? Some DNA paternity test laboratories will advertise themselves at accredited by UKAS. This accreditation is important when getting paternity test results. An accredited laboratory will pass the strict review and inspection of the testing processes and the laboratory. For a paternity test to be legal in court the DNA testing must be performed by a laboratory that is accredited by the UKAS and registered on the Ministry of justice website – you can clearly see AlphaBiolabs at number one here. An unaccredited or peace of mind paternity test would be a Home Paternity test kit that is performed at home. The actual testing may be performed in an accredited laboratory but there is no chain of custody involved. These results would not be valid in a court of law. The identity of the people testing cannot be verified as we are relaying on the people who supplied the DNA samples to be honest. In most cases the only different between a Legal Paternity Test and an unaccredited Home Paternity Test is the manner of collection.