Alpha Gives Emmerdale Advice

Many viewers of Emmerdale will be aware of Adam and Venessa’s DNA test results, following the big reveal last week.

What fans of the program may not be aware of is that AlphaBiolabs provided the production team with expert advice regarding this storyline.

Venessa was unsure of whether or not Adam was the father of her child following a one night stand, rather than her partner Kirin, deciding to take a DNA test originally without his knowledge.

Although the viewers are aware of the true outcome of the DNA test there are still more plot developments to come.

Emmerdale DNA Test Story Realism

Before filming the DNA testing scenes the shows production team turned to AlphaBiolabs for expert insider knowledge. We informed them on certain procedures the sample collection nurses follow, gave them some genuine testing kits, with an example template of the results report and even reviewed some of the dialogue to ensure authenticity.

This made the show’s representation of the processes involved with legal DNA tests more realistic. It just goes to show that although some soap story lines may be as sensationalist as possible in order to grab the viewers attention, it does not mean that certain scenarios and situations cannot be as true to real life as possible.

DNA Testing Specialists

Emmerdale has obviously made a great effort to make this DNA test storyline as authentic as possible and they are not the only production team to take full advantage of AlphaBiolab’s testing expertise.

For example, The Jeremy Kyle Show also uses AlphaBiolabs for all of its DNA testing and representatives from our team have been interviewed for expert insights on testing services for BBC radio.

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