An increase in demand for testing services has seen AlphaBiolabs move its Birmingham Walk in Centre to Soho Road Primary Care Centre in Handsworth*. As well as drug and alcohol testing, these more suitable premises offer the fastest DNA testing in the UK.

Our Peace of Mind DNA tests can be taken at home or at the Walk in Centre. Paternity, Maternity, Sibling, Aunt/Uncle, Grandparent, Y chromosome and Zygosity (twin) testing services are all available. Undertaking the DNA test is simple and only involves swabbing cheek cells. These samples are then sent for processing at our UK-based laboratory. Test results are emailed back to you the same day or next working day. We also offer a non invasive Prenatal test, which can determine the paternity of a baby before birth.

Confidentiality is maintained at every step of the testing process. Taking a DNA test can be an anxious time and we can assure you that all results are password protected for security.

DNA testing for legal purposes, such as for immigration, can also be arranged at the Walk in Centre where strict chain of custody conditions are adhered to. Legal test results are recognised and admissible to UK courts, the Ministry of Justice, UK Passport Office, UK Border Agency and the UK Visas and Immigration service.

From home drug test kits to innovative alcohol testing bracelets, our Walk in Centre staff offer advice on the best methods to record substance abuse. Breath, hair, blood, urine and oral fluids can all be analysed with results as quickly as next day. The SCRAM CAM® bracelet is AlphaBiolabs’ latest innovation, which tests for the presence of consumed alcohol in perspiration every 30 minutes.

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring® is the most accurate and comprehensive method of measuring alcohol consumption on the market”, said AlphaBiolabs Managing Director David Thomas. “A wealth of information is reported in an easy-to-understand format.”

Known as sobriety tagging, this form of testing can demonstrate the frequency and pattern of alcohol consumption. As such, it can provide local authorities, courts and child-protection agencies with the additional tools to change behaviours in vulnerable and higher-risk alcohol-dependent clients. AlphaBiolabs staff at the Soho Road Primary Care Centre can fit the SCRAM CAM® bracelets, monitor the results and provide reports after an agreed time period.

For information on DNA testing in Birmingham, drug testing in Birmingham, alcohol testing in Birmingham or our bespoke Workplace testing services, please contact AlphaBiolabs on 0333 600 1300 or email