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As AlphaBiolabs are specialists in DNA testing, we are often utilised by TV programs and production companies for our services and expertise. Furthermore, we are also asked if our laboratory be used for filming related documentaries.

AlphaBiolabs’ laboratory and offices featured in this Thursday’s episode of BBC One’s Family Finders, a documentary that attempts to reunite family members through various investigation methods, as its name suggests.

While DNA experts explained some of the DNA testing processes, specifically relating to the episode’s circumstances, our state of the art facilities and vibrant office environment provided an authentic atmosphere and backdrop during filming.

If you did not manage to catch the show it can be viewed in full on the BBC iPlayer or a short verson featuring AlphaBiolabs below. The forth episode in the series follows the story of Stephen Hills and Eric Morgan.

BBC put Family Tree Together

Stephen was just a baby when his dad Alan, a coal worker in Doncaster, left home. Alan’s relationship with Stephen’s mother fell apart during the hardship of the 1984 miners’ strike. Alan moved out, leaving the area, without seeing his son since. Now with children of his own, Stephen is desperate to find his dad and has sought the help of a family finding agency, who have managed to track down Alan.

The BBC’s synopsis of the episode says: “After three decades apart, father and son are reunited in an emotional encounter. But can Alan explain to Steven the circumstances behind his departure, and just why he was driven to leave?”

The program also featured Eric Morgan, an 81-year-old who found out he was adopted when signing up for National Service as a young man in 1952. After a lifetime of wondering about his early origins, Eric had given up hope of ever finding any birth relatives until he was contacted out of the blue by a half-sister May, who had been doing some family finding of her own. Their joyous reunion has just one shadow hanging over it – May’s other brother Brian isn’t convinced of Eric’s claims. The synopsis asks: “Is Eric really their brother, or just some chancer trying his luck? Only a DNA test will reveal the full – and unexpected – truth.”

DNA Testing Family

If you require a DNA test to reveal the truth, or to prove or disprove a biological relationship for legal reasons then contact AlphaBiolabs’ friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300. Our testing is 100% confidential and maintains chain of custody throughout the entire process.

Therefore there is no need to be on television if you prefer your DNA testing to be a little more discreet. However, if you do wish to appear on television we may be able to arrange free DNA testing for you – as we are the official DNA testing provider of The Jeremy Kyle Show – and if you are picked to be on the show our DNA testing will not cost you a penny.

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