AlphaBiolabs have been featured in the media once again, this time within the pages of the Liverpool Echo.

The article outlines how we have become the first firm in the UK to provide Next Day Legal DNA Test results as standard and features a quote from AlphaBiolabs’ Managing Director, David Thomas.

He said: “We understand that with the nature of our service that time is such an important factor. The results we provide can be life-changing and we appreciate it can be a sensitive and worrying time.”

The article also touches upon how the business is expanding through staff recruitment, technological advancement and the development of our Walk-in Centre network, available across various locations in the UK, providing cost-effective and convenient solutions for sample collection.

AlphaBiolabs are no strangers to the media as we were also recently featured in the Sunday Mirror and even in the BBC documentary series Family Finders.

We are the trusted laboratory for a number of Television production companies, as the articles also point out, we are the exclusive providers of DNA testing for the Jeremy Kyle Show.

They trust us with even their most urgent of DNA tests as we provide the fastest DNA testing in the world as standard such as our Next Day Legal DNA Testing.

If you require DNA testing then please contact our friendly customer service team on 0333 600 1300 or