AlphaBiolabs maintains ISO 17025 accreditation

After a recent surveillance visit by UKAS, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service, it has been announced that AlphaBiolabs has maintained their ISO 17025 accreditation in all areas. ISO 17025 General Requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the “Gold Standard” used by testing and calibration laboratories. In most major countries, ISO 17025 is the standard for which most testing laboratories must hold accreditation in order to be deemed technically competent. In many cases, suppliers and regulatory authorities will not accept test results from a laboratory that is not accredited. Allan Ball, Quality Manager for AlphaBiolabs, said yesterday “We are delighted that we have maintained ISO 17025 accreditation. This clearly demonstrates our ongoing commitment to delivering the highest quality standards”. In addition to our own, extensive internal audit program, AlphaBiolabs is externally audited once every year to ensure that each department conforms to this international standard. David Thomas, managing director said “Our customers can rest assured that the quality of our testing, the administration of that testing and the whole process behind the testing has gone through a rigorous process to ensure that our test results are of the highest quality available”. “This years audit has been quite tough as AlphaBiolabs has invested considerably in the very latest technologies and processes, additional assessment to ensure compliance to this rigorous international standard”. Mr Thomas goes onto say “I am really pleased with the commitment made by AlphaBiolabs staff members to ensure that the quality of our services is second to none and that this audit has been successful”. AlphaBiolabs is currently the fourth largest DNA, drug and alcohol testing laboratory in Europe. It caters for the legal profession, businesses, local authorities and members of the public.