Coventry walk-in centre

AlphaBiolabs opens new walk-in centre in Coventry

AlphaBiolabs has opened its newest walk-in centre for customers in Coventry, providing on-site sample collection services for members of the public, the legal sector, and the workplace sector.

Now taking appointments, the walk-in centre, located at Henley Green Medical Centre on Henley Road, is open for customers looking for a flexible solution for their sample collection requirements.

Customers using the walk-in centre will have access to experienced clinicians, who have been specially trained to collect a range of samples, including cheek (buccal) swabs for DNA testing, as well as hair, nail, blood, breath, urine, and oral fluid (saliva) samples for drug and/or alcohol testing purposes.

Sample donors who would like to arrange an appointment at our walk-in centre, for peace of mind testing, legal testing or workplace testing, can call 0333 600 1300 or email

Why visit our Coventry walk-in centre?

At AlphaBiolabs, we understand that our customers need flexibility when it comes to having their samples collected for laboratory testing purposes.

Our peace of mind DNA test kits have been specially designed to allow you to collect your cheek swab samples quickly and easily at home.

However, we appreciate that not everyone will feel confident collecting their own samples before returning them to our laboratory.

And if you are taking a Prenatal Paternity Test or a Baby Gender Test, our clinicians will be able to collect the blood sample that is also required from the mother.

If you are interested in ordering a DNA test for your own peace of mind, and would like assistance collecting your samples, you may wish to book an appointment at our Coventry walk-in centre at a time that suits you.

Unlike peace of mind testing, samples required for a legal DNA, drug or alcohol test or a workplace drug or alcohol test must be collected under strict chain of custody conditions.

This helps to ensure that the samples are obtained correctly and from the right people.

All of our professional sample collectors are well-versed in collecting samples under chain of custody conditions, so you can be confident that your results will be legally defensible.

So, if you are a legal professional, social worker or private individual requiring a legally-instructed DNA, drug or alcohol test, or an employer/employee who needs a drug or alcohol test for the workplace, you may want to book an appointment at our Coventry walk-in centre.

We also offer FREE sample collections at all of our UK-wide walk-in centres for tests instructed by legal or social work professionals.

Where can I get a DNA, drug, or alcohol test?

Our accredited UK laboratory provides a comprehensive range of testing services for members of the public, the legal sector, and the workplace sector.

To arrange a sample collection appointment at our new Coventry walk-in centre, call our Customer Services team on 0333 600 1300 or email and we will book your appointment for a time that suits you.   

We’ll also provide you with friendly, confidential advice on which test is best for you.

Book an appointment at our Coventry walk‑in centre

Our specially-trained clinicians can quickly and easily collect your samples for DNA, drug or alcohol testing. Contact us today to arrange your appointment.