Alphabiolabs strive to provide the best service possible for solicitors and members of the public, by supporting them every step of the way.

We have provided support to our customers and clients for over ten years and are appreciative of all those who have supported us in return, by utilising our extensive range of quality DNA or Drug & Alcohol testing or by using our Walk-in Centres, taking full advantage of the free sample collection provided at their locations.

We greatly value our customers, but what about those who use other DNA testing or Drug & Alcohol testing providers?

Well, we are here to support them too! For example, AlphaBiolabs can guarantee low prices by matching any like for like quotation and beating it by 5%. But that’s not all…

DNA and Drugs & Alcohol Testing Providers – Always Here for You

AlphaBiolabs are also fully prepared if your testing provider falls short of your expectations, or even worse, disappears altogether. We have experienced client care staff, a multitude of comprehensive services, with DNA specialists and Toxicology experts at hand; providing you with solid pillars of support at a time when others would crumble.

If your provider goes under, you could be left to feel like you are struggling to juggle much more than a handful of clients who require legal DNA or Drug and Alcohol testing for court dates and deadlines that have already been set.

The last thing you will want is to let them down and the last thing we want is to let you down. Even in the most hectic and daunting of your circumstances, you can have confidence in our unparalleled level of service.
Whether you urgently require a new service, or feel you deserve better from your provider contact our friendly support team on 0333 600 1300 or