AlphaBiolabs Shortlisted for Award

AlphaBiolabs have been shortlisted for the Living Wage Champion Awards 2015 in the North West England region.

AlphaBiolabs is already a living wage employer to support the ethos and values of the company, which includes providing a Living Wage to all of our employees.

With this year’s Living Wage Champion Award, we have focussed on our sample collection network in particular for our submission, which has progressed the recruitment of permanent full time salaried mobile sample collectors and those who collect samples at our free Walk-in Centres.

With sample collection in the DNA and Drug & Alcohol testing sector being commonly associated with employing with zero hour contracts, without offering a true Living Wage, it is particularly refreshing to experience the reversal of the negative direction created by these trends.

This is perhaps most apparent when considering that many of our sample collectors have come from similar vocations in search of a more assured position and colleagues at AlphaBiolabs feel more valued and are proud to be a part of the team as a result of the care and consideration taken towards their employment.

More About The Living Wage

The Living Wage Champion Awards recognise Living Wage employers that have made great contributions to communities and industries by implementing and celebrating the Living Wage.

The Living Wage Foundation offers a recognition mark for employers that commit to paying the Living Wage.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, calculated according to the basic cost of living using the ‘Minimum Income Standard’ for the UK. Decisions about what to include in this standard are set by the public, via a social consensus about what people need to make ends meet.

Living Wage Foundation Director, Rhys Moore said: “I would like to send huge congratulations to AlphaBiolabs on being shortlisted for the Living Wage Champion Awards. The commitment of Living Wage Employers to responsible pay makes a life changing difference to families and communities across the UK. We look forward to celebrating this even further when announcing the winner of the Awards during Living Wage Week.”

The awards are judged by an independent panel of community leaders from Citizens UK, national community organising charity and home of the Living Wage campaign.

We are very proud to be pioneering greater standards for employing sample collectors and setting new standards to help shape the industry for the better, which ensures that all our employees are guaranteed a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.