AlphaBiolabs to Offer CPD Training

AlphaBiolabs is a UKAS accredited company who specialise in drug, alcohol and DNA testing. We are proud to announce that as part of our dedication to those involved in testing we now offer Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) accredited CPD training on these subject matters. At AlphaBiolabs we believe that testing remains relevant to protecting vulnerable individuals and educating those involved in this type of analysis is a priority. We understand the importance of testing and our aim is provide individuals within the legal community with further knowledge on these subject matters and assist in the interpretation of results. The training courses are designed be educational and informative as well as interesting, lively and interactive. The training is provided at no cost and can be presented face to face for larger groups (+5) at a suitable location for the members or can be held via telephone using a live internet based presentation. Our Education and Development trainer, Katy Black has been providing SRA accredited CPD training on drug, alcohol and DNA testing for over 4 years to those involved in family law. COURSE OVERVIEW – TESTING FOR ALCOHOL USING HAIR This course is designed to provide an overview of the benefits of using hair/blood to provide an insight into a person’s behaviour. Hair alcohol testing can provide evidence of an individual’s chronic excessive alcohol consumption for a period of up to 6 months. COURSE AGENDA (1 hour-1.5 hours)
  • Overview of science behind blood alcohol and hair alcohol testing
  • Provide understanding on what is deemed to be chronic excessive consumption
  • Confirmation of tests available and which is most suitable for individual cases
  • The importance of dual marker alcohol testing
  • Explanation of sample collection
  • Hair Alcohol Testing advantages and limitations
The course will conclude with frequently asked questions on the topic however attendees are encouraged during the sessions to ask questions to assist them further with cases they may have or be involved in. COURSE OVERVIEW – TESTING FOR DRUGS USING HAIR This course provides an introduction to using hair to confirm an individual’s drug misuse. Hair drug testing is used to establish and verify substance misusers and can provide a complete historical overview of misuse up to 12 months and can establish patterns of behaviour. COURSE AGENDA (1 hour)
  • Understanding the technology – what the test can specifically confirm about a person’s behaviour
  • Outline the difference between hair alcohol and hair drug testing
  • Head hair vs body hair – explain the difference between the two and what they each can establish about misuse
  • Timeframes covered by using different types of hair – monthly chronologically or overview
  • Overview of the testing process
  • Advantages and limitations of testing
  • Confirmation of full drug testing portfolio – which drugs can be detected
  • Hair testing vs other matrices (urine/blood)
  • Concludes with frequently asked questions
COURSE OVERVIEW – DNA RELATIONSHIP TESTING DNA testing is a highly accurate method of establishing a biological relationship between individuals. This course discusses not only paternity testing, which your members may be familiar with, but also family relationship testing. Family relationship testing can be used in situations where the alleged father may not be able to provide a sample. COURSE AGENDA (1 HOUR)
  • Discussion on the science of DNA testing
  • Explanation of the types of testing available – paternity and family relationship testing
  •  Types of test and when to use
  • Difference between “peace of mind” and “legal testing”
  • Sample collection process
  • Strengths and weaknesses of DNA testing
  • Deceased sample donor – What options are available?
  • Sample reports
  • Again concluding with frequently asked questions
Each course will be followed up with a copy of the slides with notes attached as well as an evaluation form for feedback which AlphaBiolabs will use to review and improve the course content. The courses can also be presented separately or combined depending on each person’s/teams requirement. Alternatively for further information please email